Soft Skills Training For Employees

Soft skills are the competencies that allow employees to interact efficiently and productively with others, no matter the role or the background. A company cannot make the error of seeing soft skills as irrelevant. Soft skills are what divides average performers from high performers. The Stanford Research Institute International discovered that 75% of long-term success in a job role depends on the knowledge of soft skills while only 25% of that job success originates from technical skills.

The World Economic Forum indicated in their 2016 Future of Jobs report that the 10 skills listed below will be the most sought after by employers in 2020. While technical skills have importance, many companies have been giving them excessive weight in job descriptions and training, but that is changing rapidly. Below are the soft skills that are becoming most in-demand in today’s workplace for employees:

  1. 10 Common Email Mistakes Course
  2. Active Listening Course
  3. Body Language Skills Course
  4. Creative Problem Solving Course
  5. Critical Thinking Skills Course
  6. Developing Self Confidence Course
  7. Emotional Intelligence Course
  8. Goal Setting Skills Course
  9. Interpersonal Communication Skills Course
  10. Negotiation Skills Course
  11. Organisational Skills Course
  12. Persuasion Skills Course
  13. Presentation Skills Course
  14. Public Speaking Course
  15. Storytelling Skills Course
  16. Stress Management Course
  17. Teamwork Communication Course
  18. Time Management Course
  19. Verbal Communication Skills Course
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