Corporate Team Building & Team Bonding Activities in Singapore

Corporate Team Building & Team Bonding Activities in Singapore

The Power of Teamwork

Team building and team bonding is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It is distinct from team training, which is designed by a combination of business managers, learning and development/OD (Internal or external) and an HR Business Partner (if the role exists) to improve the efficiency, rather than interpersonal relations.

Many team-building and bonding exercises aim to expose and address interpersonal problems within the group.

Over time, these team building and bonding activities are intended to improve performance in a team-based environment. Team building is one of the foundations of organizational development that can be applied to groups such as sports teams, school classes, military units or flight crews. The formal definition[which?] of team-building includes:

  • Aligning around goals
  • Building effective working relationships
  • Reducing team members’ role ambiguity
  • Finding solutions to team problems
  • Team building is one of the most widely used group-development activities in organizations.

Of all organizational activities, one study found team-development to have the strongest effect (versus financial measures) for improving organizational performance. A 2008 meta-analysis found that team-development activities, including team building and team training, improve both a team’s objective performance and that team’s subjective supervisory ratings.

The Top 53 Team Performance Issues

1. Team Alignment Issues

According to Fred Smith, Chairman of Federal Express, “Alignment is the essence of management.” Alignment is the team’s agreement on the goals of either a project or an organization goal and how the team members allocating resources to achieving these goals. Most individuals will agree that agreement among team members is at the core of good leadership. Creating alignment is more then just agreement among team members.

Signs your team or organisation is not in alignment:

  • Decision making takes too long.
  • Lack of clarity with regards to roles and responsibilities
  • Too many meetings
  • Loads of planning but very little action
  • Individual agendas instead of taking on the shared commitments of the team.

2. Team Under-appreciation Issues

Employee appreciation offers a variety of advantages such as employee retention within the team. The ability to team members means that you do not often lose top talent that you would rather keep within the team.

Signs to look out for if the team is feeling underappreciated

  • Lack of moral and motivation
  • Lack of work-life balance

3. Team Bonding Issues

What is team bonding? Why is it significant to create a certain amount of bond to build a team? Team bonding is usually done through team building activities like going on a quick vacation with your team mates or a get together outside workplace. This is needed to cultivate and create a feeling of belongingness of each member to the team. The more comfortable a member is to the team the better relationship they have to their co-workers the better the work output is. Harmony among team members are usually develop not during work hours but most of the time are done during after work hours when each member could bond from one another on a more personal level.

Signs that your team is not bonding enough or needs bonding:

  • You often find conflict happening between members of your team.
  • Some members of your team prefer to isolate themselves from their co-workers and are only interactive when they need help about work
  • Members are underperforming and needs constant intervention even on basic tasks.
  • Your members do not trust one another and even you as a leader.

4. Team Accountability Issues

Accountability of each member of the team is important. Accountability defines the ability of everyone to be able to take total responsibility of their actions and the result of the actions taken. Accountability of the team is not limited to the manager or the leader, but this also applies to each for the task they are assigned to.

Signs that your team lacks accountability:

  • A task doesn’t get done on time because members are trying to point the blame on each other.
  • Members don’t take initiative or lack the ability to present new ideas to resolve tasks assigned to them and prefers to rely on the leader or co-workers to do it for them.
  • The team is underperforming and low morale in each member is evident on how they execute their tasks.
  • Members doesn’t have the full understanding and doesn’t care of how their actions and task completion can affect the team’s performance.

5. Team Brainstorming Issues

It is important for a team to take the time to sit down and discuss ideas on how they can execute their tasks. This is called brainstorming of ideas. This is when members of the team hear out each other out for their suggestions on how they can resolve a problem at hand as well as share ideas to come up with a better plan to do their assignments this is also when sharing good practices are made and helping other members tackle their respective tasks. There are times when brainstorming of ideas offer conflict rather than the fix.

This could be a sign that your team has brainstorming issues. They could manifest any of the following:

  • The team ends up arguing to one another and feels subjected to how they do their tasks rather than accept ideas on how they can do it better.
  • The team relies to their leader on how to resolve tasks and prefers to fade in the background during discussion.
  • The team or certain group of members within the team tends to converge on the idea of one member before they hear out everyone else’s and dismissing their ideas.

6. Team Decision Making Issues

Team members may be rigidly adhering to their positions during decision making process or making repeated arguments rather than introducing new information or concepts.

7. Team Excessive Absenteeism Issues

This performance issue is a common concerns, that an organisation faces. Some emergency situations truly cannot be avoided, however, a casual day off now and then can affect the overall team’s performance.

8. Team Performance Issues

Teamwork between members reflects on the result of their performance. When the team is underperforming, this can mean problem with the leadership skills of the leader or underlying issues between members. The performance of the team also defines how strong the connection of the members are to their co-workers. Results of the team’s performance can also affect the drive of each member to work and yield greater results.

When your team has performance issues, they could be showing the following signs:

  • Average to low numbers in team’s performance card results.
  • Some or a member of the team is not performing as they are expected to be and is dragging the whole team’s performance down.
  • Conflict between members are more common and proper communication is lacking from one another.

9. Team Change Management Issues

Change is common on a workplace environment. There will always be a change in processes and more often on the management team. Changing of management promotes flexibility and this type of change may be impacting on the members of the team due to change in process, culture and manner of leadership from the management.

There are possible issues that a team can face when there is a change in management, signs could be any of the following:

  • There is a palpable resistance from the members even after a certain amount of time has already passed.
  • Members are unable to keep up with the changes on the process and plan execution even when guidance was already provided
  • Setbacks from members are understandable when there are changes in the management team however, when the team is unable to overcome the setbacks and are greatly affected of the change in a way that performance for consecutive months are derailed, this can only mean issues with the acceptance of the change.

10. Team Communication Issues

Team members may interrupt or talk over other team members. There may be consistent silence from some members of the team during meetings. There may also be allusions to problems but failure to formally address them, or false consensus such as team members that nods in agreement without truly agreeing. Over time this communication issue can generate a lack of trust among team members. If not addressed immediately, this issue can snowball into a bigger problem that will affect the entire team’s performance.

11. Team Cohesiveness Issues

Cohesiveness is defined as the ability to form a bond and being united as a whole. Group cohesiveness within the team is an important matter and needs to be formed to yield better results. The bond and trust between members are factors that drives great results. The greater the cohesion there is on a team, the more committed the members are in the execution of their respective tasks.

Signs that the team lacks cohesiveness:

  • Conflict between members can happen but the frequency of this instances can mean that the team lacks the bond and cohesion between members.
  • The team members doesn’t have the same type of mindset and dedication for the execution of their tasks.
  • There is a lack of cooperation between members and they find it hard to work with each other.
  • Members of the team finds themselves emotionally detached from fellow co-workers thus cultivating mistrust and miscommunication resulting to underperformance of the team.

12. Team Collaboration Issues

As a team, collaboration between the leader and members is important to make sure they complete the task before time. Team collaboration is simply defined as the process between members of the team or the organization members working together for a common goal. This is an important factor to nurture since great collaboration between members provides the best results. This is also a great way for each team members to learn and grow from one another.

The team may be having issues of collaboration if they show any of these signs:

  • Members prefers to execute the tasks alone rather than asking help from their co-workers.
  • Some members of the time doesn’t like to be told of how they can do their tasks and finds it offensive to let someone help them.
  • The tasks doesn’t get done and often times gets derailed.
  • Members finds it hard to work with their colleagues because they don’t trust them to help with the task execution.

13. Team Confidence Issues

Not every member of the team has the same level of confidence as their co-workers have however, the confidence of the team to each other and their leader can help them feel confident about their job and their ability to finish the task. Team confidence is important since this is a defining factor of a member’s drive to do his job. When the team lacks confidence to themselves, to their leader or to their co-workers this may result to the task not getting done and underperformance of the team.

Below are the signs that the team has confidence issues:

  • Members are doubtful of the process and doesn’t generally trust it to help them to their task.
  • Members feels inferior from their co-workers and constantly think that they lack the necessary skills to complete their assignments.
  • Team members doesn’t trust their leaders and lacks the confidence that their leader can help them do their job.
  • Conflict between the team is very common to arise due to lack of trust and confidence to one another.

14. Team Conflict Issues

Conflicts are a very common issue within the team and it is a top priority for the team to settle disputes immediately. If the team is unable to settle the conflicts by themselves, the right leadership and consistent development will help them. Conflicts are not resolved, can block team progressions and goals.

15. Team Cooperation Issues

One of the factors for a team to work is cooperation between members. The ability of the team to work and move as one unit through cooperation between the team members will be the defining factor as to whether they can accomplish the task or not. Cooperation as defined is the process of working together towards a common goal.

When the team lacks cooperation, they may show any of the following signs:

  • Mistrust from each other and their co-workers is palpable on some of the team members.
  • Conflict between members are more often to arise as they try to work on a task together.
  • The task doesn’t get done on time and are often not done right.
  • Members try to outdo each other rather than working with each other.

16. Team Creative Thinking Issues

Creative thinking issues is the team’s inability to generate new ideas and perspectives that does not turn unexpected events into new opportunities.

17. Team Culture Issues

Team culture is defined as the display of values, behaviour and attitude of the team and the organization. The culture of the team will also manifest on how the members execute their tasks and how they can target best results. When the team’s culture embodies good ideals and practices, the members feel more empowered as a contributor to the team’s performance and feels much better with their jobs.

These are the signs that the team has culture issues:

  • There is no equality between members in terms of the amount of task given.
  • Members are treated based on their rank on the company rather than an equally contributing force to the teams’ growth.
  • The organization or the team tolerates disrespect between members.

18. Team Decision Making Issues

It is not all the time that the decision making for the team is left on the discretion the leaders. Decision making for the team is usually better when members are present to have a conformity between the group since these decisions can affect each member ability to do their respective jobs. This is also a healthy way of communication between the team since members feel valued for their opinions and perspectives about how they can improve their skills in accomplishing their tasks

These are the signs that the team has decision making issues:

  • The leader and most of the members are indecisive and always let’s someone from the team herd the group so that they will feel accountable for the decisions done.
  • The team doesn’t agree to a certain decision all the time and often results to conflict.
  • The team tends to be impulsive and are quick to jump into decisions without reviewing the necessary data and reports.
  • Leaders tends to keep all decision making to themselves without proper delegation from the team and the process.

19. Team Delegation Issues

Team delegation is defined as the distribution of tasks across the team. The delegation within the team is an important process that is crucial to the growth of the company and the members as well. This is also a great means to make sure that tasks are done on time

These are the signs that there is a team delegation issues happening:

  • Team leaders find it hard to delegate with their members because they don’t have enough trust to their members and the team’s ability to work on the task.
  • Members doesn’t trust each other’s ability and refuses to delegate the task even when pressed for deadlines.
  • Some members feel threatened to loosen credit for the job when they resort to delegation from their co-workers.
  • A team member doesn’t like to feel as though they have given up absolute control over the tasks they were assigned to when they are asked to delegate the job with a colleague.

20. Team Diversity Issues

Diversity in definition is the range of difference between things. Multiple forms of diversity are common on a workplace. Diversity is not limited to culture, this can also apply on beliefs, values, gender, lifestyle and many more. The diversity of each members of the team can also factor the performance results of the organization. Respect of each members to one another despite certain differences is a great edge for a team to execute their tasks properly

These are some signs that the team has diversity issues:

  • A member feels isolated and are not comfortable working with the team due to personal differences.
  • Members are having hard time communicating with each other and often feels disrespected.
  • The team in general finds it hard to work as a one unit are is unable to meet deadlines due to the lack of comfortableness in doing their job.

21. Team Efficiency Issues

The teams’ efficiency is defined as the ability of the team to execute quality tasks without wasting unnecessary man force, energy and materials. In a more simpler term, this is the ability to the things to be done properly without any form of waste. A teams’ efficiency in doing their job equates to their amount of productivity and a productive team is always a performing team

The team maybe experiencing issues in its efficiency if they shoe any of these signs:

  • The team and its members doesn’t meet deadlines and are often late when submitting reports.
  • Most of the task load is only given to some or one member of the team while the rest are left idle.
  • Team members are often left burn out by loads of tasks that were not delegated properly.

22. Team Empathy & Compassion Issues

Empathy and compassion is important between members across the team. As humans, team members feel more emotionally at ease to their co-workers when they feel empathized especially on days that are really hard for them. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand the feelings of another person while compassion is defined as the capacity to feel for another person’s pain. On a workplace, there will always be days that members may feel bad about their jobs and it’s usually better if they find empathy and compassion from other members of the team rather than resort to resignation and quitting from their tasks

These are the signs that the team lacks empathy and compassion to one another:

  • The leader doesn’t care with his members’ welfare as long as the job gets done.
  • Members do not enjoy staying on the workplace and feels desolate about their jobs.
  • Members feels discouraged about their jobs and feels unheard of what they want to say about it.
  • Members doesn’t feel a sense of belongingness to their team and has lack of trust from their respective leaders.

23. Team Engagement Issues

Team engagement is crucial to business success. If engaged, team members on a given project will be interested in what they do, committed to the project mission and willing to go the extra mile. They are there in body as well as mentally and emotionally. The key to engagement is involvement – by involving others you make it impossible to stay detached.

24. Team Flexibility Issues

Flexibility of a team is a great advantage for both the members and the company since this allows breather for members when it comes to how they accomplish their jobs. Workplace flexibility is defined as the ability of the team or organization to allow both business and personal needs to be met through certain amount of changes.

These are the signs that the team lacks flexibility:

  • Lack of support on members’ individual work preference which could result to demotivation from the job
  • The team keeps on encountering schedule conflicts and deadline issues due to less flexibility on time options.
  • Members and leaders doesn’t like to tolerate new ideas, changes and growth.

25. Team Goal Setting Issues

It is very important for members to know and understand the goal of the team and the organization. Goal settings is when leaders lay out the action plan for the team on how they can attain their goals. This involves all necessary data for reference on how to provide specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely execution of the goals and objectives.

When the team has issue about goal setting, they could manifest these signs:

  • The team is unable to meet specific deadlines.
  • Low scoring performance results is common for members of the team.
  • A member of the team is unable to keep up with the pace and demand of the workplace.
  • A team member doesn’t know how to execute the task assigned to them.

26. Team Idea Generation Issues

Brainstorming for new ideas is a common scenario on a work place. The management and its people will always seek to generate new sets of ideas on how they can improve their job. Idea generation happens when members of the team share their practices and thoughts about how they can provide better results for their tasks. However, it is not all the time that idea generation is happening on a team.

The team maybe having issues with idea generation if they have the following signs:

  • Only a few members of the group are trusted to be solicited with ideas.
  • Leaders and management doesn’t recognize ideas coming from smaller members of the team.
  • The team doesn’t have a strong workplace relationship making idea generation impossible.
  • Members ends up of having conflict to one another after sharing ideas.
  • The facilitator doesn’t have enough experience to handle idea generation process.

27. Team Identity Issues

Team members may not feel mutually accountable to one another for the team’s objectives. There may be a lack of commitment and effort, conflict between team goals and team members’ personal goals, or poor collaboration.

28. Team Sharing Information Issues

Knowledge is not power – unless it is shared among team members. All team members bring a unique set of knowledge, skills, wisdom and experiences to the team. Effective teams fearlessly share information generously and regularly for the benefit of the team members and for the benefit of the entire team.

29. Team Innovation Issues

Innovation means new method or idea. A successful team will continue to seek innovations of their present ideas and methods to create new ways that can make their workplace life easier. After generating ideas from members, innovation is then put into action to drive results and have better performance from the team members.

The team maybe having innovation issues when:

  • The team sticks to an old method that is already proven to be ineffective.
  • Members and the team refuses to acknowledge that there is a need for change in the methods used.
  • Team members doesn’t like or are having issue adapting to new ideas and concepts.

30. Team Inspiration Issues

One of the reason why team members work hard on their jobs is because they each have their own inspiration. Team inspiration happens when each member feels appreciated for their job and stimulated to do something great, creative and wonderful. The sources of inspiration may vary from members but when a team member feels inspired at work they more likely productive and delivers great results.

When there is inspiration issue on a team they are more likely to show these signs:

  • Members are demotivated and lethargic on the workplace.
  • Members feels unappreciated for the tasks they have accomplished.
  • Low-scoring performance results are common among team members.
  • Some team members tend to harbor ill thoughts against their leaders or co-workers.

31. Team Interdependence Issues

Team interdependence happens when each member of the team is mutually dependent to each other to complete a task. They necessarily don’t have the same kind of task but when a member accomplishes his task, his counter parts and those that are dependent of the execution of his task are eventually able to deliver the same results. An organization has multiple teams functioning for different tasks but are at the same time interdependent with each other to achieve results

When a team has issues with interdependence, they can manifest these signs:

  • Multiple tasks don’t get done on time.
  • The task is commonly assigned on bulk to a certain member of the team and is left to tackle possible issues alone and thus derailing completion.
  • Conflict of process between members on how to get the task done.
  • Members doesn’t like to work with one another and refuses help from colleague.

32. Team Leadership Issues

Team leaders and sub-leaders need to convey their roles to their subordinates effectively to makes sure that there is a clarity of function, accountability and purpose. Ineffective leadership directly affects the overall performance of the team.

33. Team Lean Thinking Issues

Lean thinking is a kind of mindset that focuses in achieving results without any form of waste. Team lean thinking happens when every member of the team focuses on the plans and resources laid to achieve the goal and moving as one unit to work on the process of getting the expected results

The team could be having lean thinking issues when:

  • Conflict is very common among members of the team as they quarrel how to drive results.
  • Only core players of the team are allowed to work on the project while the rest are left idle to smaller task unrelated to the project.
  • There is no definite steps and process discussed by the team to reach the goal.
  • Lack of communication and sharing of ideas between members of the team.

34. Team Management Issues

Management issues are common on any workplace. Team management will greatly be based on the leadership skills of the assigned leaders. When team members are satisfied with their leader’s management skills they are more likely able to provide great results and performance. Team management skills of leaders can also make difference on the experience in the workplace environment for their members. Workplace can be very demanding and stressful but with a good leader with great skills for management, the team members are most likely be able to survive the demands of their job.

While management issues may be common on a workplace, below are some signs to look for when there are management issues happening on the team:

  • Team members lacks trust on the process and their respective leaders.
  • There is a palpable negativity among team members towards their leader.
  • Bad behaviors and poor performance are left unnoticed.
  • The team is unable to meet deadlines and complete tasks due to poor intervention and feedback from leaders.

35. Team Morale Issues

Morale in the workplace is defined as the level of enthusiasm of a team member to his tasks. When an individual has high morale and is enthusiastic about his job, then the tasks assigned to him will yield better and exemplary results. Workers with high morale are key players of an organization and can even create a positive outlook to his coworkers. This helps the team and the company prevent unnecessary resignation and attrition.

When a team has morale issues they are more likely having issues with performance and may show these signs:

  • Work and tasks are not done on time.
  • Some of the team members are giving poor work outputs.
  • Attendance and productivity issues among team members.
  • Team members don’t feel doing their jobs at all.
  • Majority of the members preferred to resign from their post rather than continuing with their jobs.

36. Team Motivation Issues

Motivation is what keeps a person going despite challenges and setbacks. On a work environment motivation of an individual member of the team is very important because this is when leaders can gauge the extent of the ability of his team members. A member is more likely to feel motivated when the team leader and the company appreciates his contributions and hard work. Being motivated to work means that the team and its members will be able to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks together. Motivation from every member of the team is a huge advantage to the organization and the company itself

When a member of the team feels demotivated they may show signs like:

  • Underperformance on their assigned tasks.
  • Unable to perform basic work duties let alone meet deadlines.
  • Displays attendance related issue like excessive tardiness and absenteeism.
  • A member of the team lacks the confidence to execute the tasks assigned to him.

37. Team Planning Issues

Planning is necessary for almost everything most especially when it’s related to work. Team planning is the ability of the team to think of the means and actions needed to be taken to accomplish their job. Planning involves taking ideas from one another and sort the best of these ideas to come up with a strategy to meet the goals. The teams’ ability to plan also shows their ability to handle and complete the tasks assigned to them on time.

When the team experiences planning issue, they could manifest these signs:

  • Team members are not willing to contribute ideas to create the plan.
  • There are certain domineering type of personalities in the team that prevents effective communication between members.
  • Lots of meetings were done yet there is little to none of the progress for the task completion.
  • When on a meeting, the ideas presented were not carefully discussed and were quickly assumed to the plan.

38. Team Problem Solving Issues

Problems are always present in the workplace and it’s the team’s job to come up with the best solutions. These problems could arise in the most critical moments and without proper problem-solving skills, the team might crumble, and the task will not be finished on time. Problem solving skill is the ability to work through a problem using the available resources and analytical thinking to address the issue. Every member of the team should possess this important skill so that they can provide support to their coworkers when the need arises

These signs could mean that the team is experiencing problem solving issues:

  • The team is unable to identify that a problem exist and needs immediate attention.
  • Team members are pointing blame to someone else rather than fixing the problem.
  • No one from the teams takes responsibility in handling the situation.
  • Members are indecisive and always needs intervention from upper management to address issues.

39. Team Process & Procedures Issues

Compliance to the process and procedures of the organization if vital to insure quality of work. Implementations of these processes makes the tasks done on time without sacrificing content and quality of the output. The teams process is the core picture of the output that makes the team work to meet the goal of the company, utilize the workforce and create value to the task. Aligned with these processes are the guided procedures which is made up of steps and functions that were created to execute the plan in accordance to the process.

The team could be having issues with the process and procedures of the organization when:

  • Team members doesn’t have the full understanding of the necessary procedures and processes of the task to meet the goal.
  • Leaders fail to provide one on one explanation of the process to its members.
  • The team fails to keep the process up to date base on technology, workforce and resources available.
  • There is no one on the that takes responsibility in enforcing the procedures and adherence to the process.

40. Team Productivity Issues

Productivity of the team measures the amount of work done and the level of quality of their output. Productivity also shows the level of performance and satisfaction of the team members to their job. The level of productivity is the determining factor of the gains in an organization or company.
Issues related to productive also means issue to the performance of the team.

When the team encounters issue related to productivity, they could be having these signs:

  • Poor attendance from members in both the amount of tardiness and absenteeism incurred.
  • Workload of the team is not properly delegated to the members and burning out participating members of the team.
  • A lot of meetings conducted lowering the amount of time to actually execute the task.
  • There is a great lack of communication between the team members.
  • Team leaders fail to track productivity scores and provide real-time intervention to its members.

41. Team Rapport Issues

Rapport is simply defined as the ability to make a personal connection to another person and create a harmonious relationship. Rapport is usually found on customer service industry where representatives are tasked to establish rapport to customer and provide great customer experience. Same goes with team rapport, it is important for team members to interact and create harmonious relationships with their coworkers. Leaders should build a good rapport with his members to create an environment of trust and mutual loyalty between members which in return promotes productivity from each member.

When the team lacks rapport, they could be having signs such as:

  • The team misses hitting the targets regularly.
  • Team members are not able to rely to their leaders for support due to feeling anonymity towards them.
  • The team is less engaged on the tasks and are not communicating with each other on regular basis.
  • Giving and receiving of feedback from one another is not present between the leader and the team members.
  • There is lack of motivation between members on how they execute tasks.

42. Team Relationship Issues

It cannot be stressed enough that harmonious relationship between team members are vital to the productivity of the team. Relationship within the team is greatly affected with the type of leadership skills of the team leader. It’s up to the team leader to initiate positive work relationship to its members and help them meet the goals and team objectives with the help from one another.

Listed are the signs that shows issues between relationship of the team:

  • A palpable feeling of anonymity between members and towards their leader.
  • Conflicts between members are more common to arise and members tend to focus on faults rather than addressing the solution to the issue.
  • Team leader tolerates negative comments from one member to another and never steps up to diffuse it.
  • There are buried resentments from members to their coworkers or leaders.
  • The team members personal differences provides friction instead of making it as an edge for the team.

43. Team Resource Management Issues

Resource management is the effective and efficient way of developing and utilizing the organizations resources. It could be anything from workforce, financial, production or technology related stuffs. It may not be all the time that enough resources are freely provided to the team in order to execute the task however, when the leader and members have enough resource management skills, the deficit of these resources can easily be address and the task does not get delayed

There are instances when the team encounters issues on resource management, signs are:

  • Leaders are setting unrealistic deadlines despite the lack on workforce resources.
  • There was no proper planning and communication between the leader and members on how to address the task even with limited resources.
  • Project managers failed to provide support to the people by getting the right amount of resources for them to accomplish the task.
  • Members assigned on the task are not multi-skilled enough to offset the shortage of the resources.

44. Team Responsibility Issues

Responsibility is the state of being accountable and taking ownership over a duty or task. The leaders of the team takes responsibility of whatever task, output and performance their team members provide and in return members of the team are each assigned of the task they responsible of to make sure that the team meets the deadlines.

Certain team responsibility issues are manifested with these signs:

  • One or more members of the team fails to hit the deadlines regularly.
  • Attendance issues are evident to members who fail on their tasks.
  • Feedback is not given by leaders to these negligent members.
  • The task are often times needs to be done by another person in order to hit the deadlines.
  • Some members of the team gets more work load compared to others while they are left idle.

45. Team Respect Issues

When respect is not present on a team, there is by no means that the team can operate as one. Respect is the positive feeling given towards a certain individual held in high regards and importance. Team leaders also needs to gain respect to their members to cultivate a positive work relationship within the team. When members of the team feel equally important and are respected with their jobs, they are more likely able to hit their targets and meet the team’s goals and objectives.

When team members lack respect to one another they will be manifesting these signs:

  • Members keeps resorting to insubordination just to get back to their leaders.
  • Leaders and members are way too friendly to one another to the point that certain personal requests are catered at the expense of the task completion.
  • Conflicts between members and leaders are alike are often to arise.
  • Negative comments are tolerated between the team members.

46. Team Role Uncertainty Issues

When the member of the team are uncertain and does not understand their specific roles and responsibilities towards the group, they are eventually unable to get tasks done on time. Furthermore, there is a big difference between working individually on a task and sharing the load with team members. Uncertainty of the task on each member can greatly affect the level of their productivity. That’s why it is important for team leaders to draw the line between these tasks and roles to each member to ensure that they are completed on time.

When the team has issues with role uncertainties, they are showing signs like:

  • There is an obvious imbalance of workloads and responsibilities between members.
  • The team is unable to effectively function due to unclear goals.
  • Members tend to disengage themselves on the task when there is uncertainty in their roles.
  • There is an obvious decrease in productivity especially to the slow-paced members of the team.

47. Team Strategy & Planning Issues

The teams’ ability to form an effective strategy and plan greatly affects the management of risks and setback during the execution of the task. A plan is the designed set of actions to achieve the goals while strategy defines the ability to foresee and prepare for possible risks that needs to be accommodated to execute the plan properly. When a team is able to properly plan and strategize to reach their goals, they more like to succeed and prosper.

These are the signs if a team has issues with strategy and planning:

  • Problems are only identified when there is only a little of time left to complete the task.
  • There is no initiative from members to address and contribute ideas to execute the plan.
  • There is a poor communication channels between members.
  • Goals and objectives set by leaders are unrealistic and unmeasurable.

48. Team Stress Issues

Stress is always present regardless of the type of work environment. Stress is the body’s means of addressing pressure and demands. It’s a defense mechanism that allows humans to respond to the situation in either flight or fight manner. When working on a task, it is common for members to feel overwhelmed and stressed out of their job. Team managers and leaders should be wary when their members are starting to burn out from stress. That’s why companies allot certain amount of vacation credits to their members to make sure that they are at the top of their game when working and has the means to relieve the stress from their jobs without having to quit.

These are the signs that the team is struggling with stress issues:

  • Members are overwhelmed in attempt to accomplish unrealistic tasks.
  • Members find it hard to communicate in a calm manner and are always on their edge.
  • The team is unable to meet targets on regular basis.
  • Some members of the team wants to be left alone on their tasks.
  • Constant instances of conflict across members.

49. Team System Thinking Issues

System thinking is a method of approach to problem solving that involves the theory that changes done on other departments of the organization can greatly impact the performance of the rest of the teams. In order to create an effective strategy, systems thinking includes to factor process, people skills, work structure and things that makes up the organization. By developing this approach, issues are addressed on real time bases and are easily opened for discussion and resolution across the teams that makes up the organization.

Signs that there are issue with the system thinking approach of the team:

  • Members are uncertain of their role in making this approach effective to their respective task.
  • Lack of specific instructions from leaders and poor communication across the team.
  • Members lack participation in raising problems that could affect the task execution.

50. Team Time Management Issues

Proper time management is an important skill to have regardless of any industry you are in. Time management is the conscious planning and control of the time spent for each task of the day. This includes task from work, home and personal errands. On a team’s perspective, time management is vital to make sure that deadlines are met, and tasks are progressing as scheduled. This also means productivity is greater and so as the performance results.

When the team lacks time management skills, they could show signs like:

  • Constant inability to meet deadlines.
  • Members come in to work late and stays on late in the office promoting possibilities of burn out.
  • Members tend to catch up time by multitasking which risks the quality of the output.
  • There is an obvious lack of focus on the work at hand due to unclear instructions and thus delaying completion of the task.
  • Leaders fail to monitor the development phasing of the task assigned to the members.

51. Team Tension Issues

Tension or a difference of opinion can be healthy and, if carefully managed, can trigger constructive debates among team members. It can make team members think differently, expand their knowledge and insight. As a result innovation can flourish. Different opinions is not a bad thing. It’s how the team leaders and members handle the tension that makes a difference.

52. Team Transparency Issues

Team transparency means that the leader and management has an open communication to its members. Team members feels much better about their job when they know that they are trusted by their company for information related to the organization. Though transparency could vary from the rank of employees but the fact that members are entrusted by their organization harbors trust from them in return.

When a team has issues with transparency they are more likely to show these signs:

  • Leaders are not honest to their team members of the company process updates and feedbacks.
  • Members doesn’t know the results of the tasks they have completed.
  • Team members doesn’t care about the transparency as long as they get paid for work.
  • The company doesn’t have a communication line for feed backs on their process.

53. Team Trust Issues

Trust is crucial to teamwork, and it starts with the team members knowing each other. Team members need to be acquainted, both professionally and well as personally, particularly in projects where tensions will run high at some point or the other. If team members don’t understand each other, they will not want to engage because they have not made that human connection at the start and they won’t completely trust each other.

Indoor Team Building Activities in Singapore

Knowles Training Institute provides a range of team building games and activities in Singapore. Our in-house expert team building facilitator and coach will be present for each team activities.

Archery Tag

Archery tag or also known as Combat Archery is the combination of the games dodgeball, paintball and of course archery. This game is consisted with 5 players in each team and the goal is to shoot on their opponent using a foam tipped arrow. The foam-tipped arrows will act as the ball like that on a dodgeball game. Each team of five should be able to hit their opponents and knock out five of their discs. A player will be eliminated when he is hit by the arrow and can bring back an eliminated member back to the game when an opponent’s arrow is catched.

Archery tag great for teambuilding activities because:

  • It requires players to work together to secure winning
  • Each member must contribute efforts, strategy and game plan to win.
  • This is a great activity to build trust and camaraderie between the members of the team.
  • A great way for a team to bond and destress without having to deal with the usual boring team building activities.
  • The game works for any kinds team regardless of age and industry they are working for.

Art Jamming

Art jamming explores the artistic side of anyone. Since not everyone is into art, activity like art jamming is targeting art as a form of entertainment for everyone. This is done by allowing anyone to freely express themselves through art. Art jamming is not limited to art work activities, sessions is are done with good music, food and great people around you. There are no criteria or rules to follow when creating the art, just spending time to reflect on yourself and the team allowing it to be expressed through the strokes of brush or any means of artistic expression. There are art studios that offers this activities to individuals or a group of people.

Art jamming is a good way to spend team building activities since:

  • It is a great stress reliever for the team allowing flow of tranquil and calmness.
  • Painting sessions can be a means for a team to express their team values.
  • Members of the team can jam and bond together through painting, drawing and explore their own creativity.
  • Art jamming engages team members on a more personal and artistic level of communication that can help strengthen the teams bond.

Balloon Sculpting

Balloon sculpting or commonly known as balloon twisting is done with balloons of different shapes, color and size to form different designs, shapes and characters. A group or team can take turns or work together to come up with the best balloon sculpture and compete with the other teams. Certain criteria can be laid out and can vary from one activity to another.

Balloon sculpting is another way to spend team building activities because:

  • It brings both the artistic and competitive nature of the team members.
  • It’s a refreshing way to spend team building activities.
  • It’s a great skill to learn and can be used on occasions.
  • The team can work together as one unit for a common goal.

Battle of The Bands

Battle of the bands is a form of contest between two or more groups of band members. Each are given turns to play their set of songs which are usually on the same genre to ensure proper judging. The winner of the contest is greatly determined by their audience impact followed by song choices, voice quality and musical skills of the band members. This can be a great way to spend team building activities especially for big groups because:

  • It celebrates the talent of team members and be recognized for it.
  • It’s a great means of entertainment and engaging everyone especially when there are a lot of people included on a team building session.
  • Co-workers can be in sync with each other through music.
  • It ignites competitiveness of team members against another team.

Blind Drawing

Blind drawing resembles the game of charade. Participants can create separate groups and they will need to describe and instruct their representative to draw the item without actually saying what it is. This is done by having players from each team sit on each other’s back. Whoever has the closest drawing to the item will win.

This is a great way to spend team building activities because:

  • It develops communication skills between team members.
  • It’s fun refreshing and engaging for everyone.
  • It enhances the creative thinking of the team members.
  • Trust between team members are being developed by this activity.

Blindfolded Food Tasting

One way to enjoy team building activities even with limited space and resources is to have a blind folded food tasting activity. This is done by having two group of with 5 or more members on each team. Each team may take turns taking the challenge or do it at the same time. Players from each team will have a representative or take turns being of blindfolded and guess the food that they will be tasting. Whoever guesses most number of food shall win.

Doing a blind folded food tasting activity during team buildings are fun because:

  • This will enhance the bond between team members through fun.
  • Good camaraderie will be developed since the team has work together in order to win.
  • It develops and enhances creative thinking of each member.
  • Each member will have a chance to participate in the activity.

Board Games

Board games are usually present on team building activities. These games may come on different kinds like chess, scrabble, monopoly and so much more. Rules may vary from one game to another however, what’s good about board games is that they are handy and easy to setup and most often times, everyone from the team knows how to play these games.

Board games are great on team buildings because:

  • It allows anyone from the team to engage on the activity.
  • It provides challenge to everyone playing it.
  • Since some games only require certain number of players, variety of board games can be done simultaneously across the whole team.
  • Board games are easy to setup and doesn’t need any other specific materials to play it.
  • Board games are great for team buildings that are done and conducted on remote areas where internet and or electricity may not be present.


One of the most enjoyable way to do in a team building is a cooking activity. This can be done by having several groups and number of members can vary depending on the head count. Each group will prepare their own dish and winners will be determined by usual criteria for food judging like taste, palatability, overall presentation, nutritional content and more. And to add challenge to the activity, the cooking may be done within a specific time frame.

Cooking can be a great activity for team building since:

  • The activity is enjoyable to everyone since it is related to food.
  • Team members develops trust to their team mates for their specific task in the food preparation process.
  • The team will be able improve working under pressure.
  • Everyone will be able to participate on this activity.


Drumming is an interesting form recreational team building activity. This activity originated from Africa wherein they consider drumming as a fundamental means of communication. This is usually a non-competitive type of activity but rather a more relaxing means of conducting team buildings.

Drumming is a great team building activity because:

  • It helps remove stress and pressure and promotes relaxation.
  • Drumming is also another means to improve team communication through sync in rhythm.
  • Team members also gets to develop listening skills while drumming as a team.
  • Drumming can inspire and develop teamwork as it needs specific level of synchronization.
  • Everyone can join and take part of the activity so that no one gets left behind.

Escape Room

One of the popular games over the internet and TV is the escape room. This is done by locking up numbers of team in a specific room or place and they will need to unlock and solve several puzzles to make their way out. First one out will be hailed winner.

If resources are available, escape room is a great way to conduct team building because:

  • This will challenge team work between members.
  • Since members are required to solve puzzles, creative and analytical thinking are developed by this activity.
  • Teams will be able to work better under pressure.
  • Ignites the spirit of teamwork as each team try to outdo each other.

Improvisation Theater

There may be chances that team members are not into physical types of activities. If you got a shy bunch of members or if your team is just starting to get to know each other, a great way to involve everyone in an activity is by having an improvised theatre. This is a great way to make sure the team gets comfortable during team building moments.

An improvised theatre would be great for your team since:

  • This is a great start up activity and is something that everyone can enjoy without having to deal awkward interactions for new members of the team.
  • An improvised theatre can be done anywhere and is very easy to setup.
  • This is relaxing and a great means of stress reliever for the team.
  • The choice of movie is a great way for everyone to engage in a conversation.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

The team doesn’t have to go anywhere just to have a great team building activity. The office or any available space can turn into a great scavenger hunt for the team. Just like Easter egg hunts, an indoor scavenger hunt would be a great way to conduct team building. This is done by hiding lists of different objects and items. A group of teams will have to hunt for these items and whoever finds most will be hailed the winner. Adding time pressure to complete the hunt will also increase the fun.

An indoor scavenger hunt will be a great idea for your next team building because:

  • There are no necessary skills required for anyone, so everybody can participate and join the fun.
  • This will strengthen the team work within the team.
  • Communication is an essential part of this activity, and this is a great way to improve team communication.
  • This activity is very easy to setup and can be done even at the office.

Swing Dance: Lindy Hop Team Building Activity

Lindy hop class is a dance originating from Harlem, New York. This dance is mostly based on jazz music and was extremely popular in the American culture way back 1920-1940’s. A great way to conduct team building activity is to bring back this dance culture as an activity. This can be done by having several pairs of dancing partners to compete with each other. Whoever meets most of the dancing criteria wins.

Why does lindy hop class dance a good activity to have on a team building?

  • It will create a bond between the assigned dance partners and can improve their work relationship.
  • Since dancing requires skills for synchronization among partners, this would be a great way to develop communication skills of the team members.
  • This activity can be fun, refreshing and a welcome change from the usual team building activities.
  • It’s another way to remove stress and keep everyone fir through the dance routines.

Music Video Challenge

Another great way to enjoy your next team building is to have a music video challenge. This can be a parody of a current music video for added fun or having the team create their own version of the music video. This is usually done by creating several teams to compete with each other by making a music video of their own. Criteria may vary depending on the activity facilitator, whoever hits most of these criteria wins.

Have a music video challenge on your next team building because:

  • It enhances the creativity of the team members to create the best video output.
  • It will develop the teamwork and camaraderie between members of the team.
  • This will be a funny and refreshing experience for everyone.
  • Everyone can contribute in any form of help and effort to create the video.

Perfume Making

A new way to enjoy your next team building is to conduct a perfume making activity. It is evident that each member has their own personal preference for perfume fragrances, so having this kind of activity will allow them to have a chance to personalize their perfumes. There are a lot of workshops offering this activity and all there is left to be done is to bring the team over to enjoy the experience.

Bring the team to perfume making workshop because:

  • This will allow them to explore their creative side.
  • Everyone will get the chance to personally enjoy the activity.
  • Communication will be built because there will always be common interests to talk about perfumes.
  • This is a chance for everyone to have a different experience that will last in memory.


Poolball is a combination of pool and football. This is one of the craze among team buildings right now because it’s fun, new and refreshing. Players are grouped in to two. The aim of the game is like billiards however, the catch is that the billiard table comes in a really huge size. Players needs to shoot the balls on the billiard pocket holes by kicking them like that of football.

Poolball will be a great teambuilding activity because:

  • This will include every one of the team to experience fun together and strengthen the bond between team members.
  • The team will be able enjoy a different team building activity compared to the usual.
  • This will have everyone stay fit since this involves running across a field.
  • This is a good way to relieve the stress of the team.

Shark Tank

Shark tank is more business focused activity but another way to bring fun into the office as a team building activity.  You will need to have teams made up of 2 to 4 members. The teams will need to create a business plan that will convince the “sharks” or investors to invest on the project. The sharks could be someone from the management team to make sure that the offers will be weighed properly. Whoever gets the sharks to invest wins the activity.

Have a shark tank as a teambuilding activity because:

  • This will promote teamwork to each team member
  • This will allow members to contribute important learnings and suggestion to make the business plan as convincing as possible.
  • These practices the analytical thinking of the team and improve their business perspectives.
  • This will be a chance for team members to shine to the management team and step up with their best asset.

Soy Candle Making

There are a lot of workshops offering varieties of new team building activities. One of the recommended activity to do is the soy candle making. The team will be educated with the whole candle making process from soy wax extracted from soy bean oil and will get the chance to create and design their own soy candle. These candles can also be made into a scented one.

Why soy candle making is a great team building idea:

  • This allows the creative side of team members to be put into action and be developed as well.
  • The team will have a chance to bond in a new activity and strengthen camaraderie.
  • This activity will make sure that everybody from the team will be able to participate and get the chance to be involved with the activity.
  • This is a refreshing way to conduct a team building.

Team Jigsaw

Team jigsaw is a great activity to have for a team building. This is done by creating groups of different teams and each team will need to complete the jigsaw puzzle before anyone else does. However, there is a great catch for this game. A piece of the team’s puzzle is placed on the other team and so as the rest. Each competing team will need to work with each other in order for them to complete the puzzle.

Team jigsaw activity is a great idea for your next team building because:

  • This develops critical thinking while working under pressure.
  • The activity demands everyone from the team to help and contribute to finish the task.
  • Leadership skills are tested and developed by this activity.
  • Creating the best strategy and problem-solving skills are developed as well.

Terrarium Making

Terrarium making is also a rising trend for a team building activity.  There are workshops that offer this activity for a team building activity.  You can have the option to divide the team to make their terrarium as a group or each team members may have the chance to make one for their own. The workshop will provide all the necessary materials needed to create a terrarium all that’s left to be done is to bring the team over.

Get the team to have a terrarium making activity because:

  • This will enhance the creative side of the team and each member.
  • This will also develop concentration including patience since terrarium making can be a tedious job.
  • The team will have the chance to create a stronger bond as a team and improve teamwork.
  • This activity is healthy for the environment and a great way to enjoy a team building.

Wine Appreciation

Wine appreciation is a great way to enjoy your next team building. There are multiple wine house offering this kind of experience. The team will be brought over the wine house to have a taste of wine and be educated as to how they can appreciate a good wine and identify a good wine.

Have the team conduct a wine appreciation activity since:

  • This is a great activity to engage everyone specially for corporate social events.
  • Another way to conduct an interesting and refreshing team building activity.
  • The team will have an in-depth knowledge about wine and its health benefits.
  • The team will get a chance to taste different types of wine.

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Amazing Race Challenge

One of the best way to conduct a team building is by having an amazing race. This is definitely going to put the game face on everyone. Amazing race is conducted by having a long race which usually starts from one location to another. Along the way, participants in a form of a pair or team needs to solve puzzles and take challenges in each pit stop to get the clue for the next location until they reach the finish line. Whoever finishes first wins takes home the price.

Conduct an amazing race challenge on your next team building because:

  • Amazing race can challenge every one’s skills in critical thinking while under pressure.
  • This will require every team member to engage and really participate with the activity.
  • This will develop the teamwork and camaraderie of members.
  • Leadership skills are being developed by this activity.
  • Problem-solving skills are great developed by this race.


Bossaball is one of the latest trend in game innovations for team building activities. Bossaball is influence by volleyball, gymnastics and football. This is done by playing the regular volleyball game but done on a giant inflatable bed which will act as the field for the game. There is also a difference with the ball used compared to volleyball. Whoever scores the most wins the game.

Spend your next team building playing bossaball because:

  • It challenges posture, synchronization and coordination of the body.
  • This is a great and fun way to conduct a team building releasing stress from team members.
  • Strategy is needed to win this game thus critical thinking is developed by this activity.
  • Sportsmanship and teamwork in every member of the team will be enhanced.

Bubble Soccer

Soccer may require skills to be played, however bubble soccer can be a fun way to play the game. Bubble soccer is a fun innovation of the soccer game. Participants of the game are required to wear zorb like inflatable balloon in their body which gives the bubble word to the game. The players will be playing a soccer game while wearing the balloon. Whoever scores the most wins.

Have a bubble soccer on your next teambuilding because:

  • Due to the extra challenge brought by the balloon, the players will need to exercise and put their best strategy into place.
  • This is a great activity to develop team work and sportsmanship across the team.
  • Everyone from the team can join and enjoy the activity.
  • Leadership skills shine during this activity.

Bungy Jumping

If the team is leaned on the extreme side, trying bungy jumping in the next team building activity. This is done by jumping over a certain height usually done on a skyscraper with a harness around the body or legs. Participants takes turns with the jump since there will be multiple checks conducted to ensure safety.

Try bungy jumping in the next team building activity because:

  • It allows the release of adrenaline that can make you feel refreshed and enthusiastic.
  • The activity could exercise trust and courage.
  • It’s a great way to enjoy a team building activity.
  • Anyone from the team can participate and have the chance to have a one of a kind experience.

Digital Challenge Race

Since this is already considered as the digital age, another way to conduct a race is to have a digital challenge race. This race is made up of challenges that needs to be solved digitally usually with the use of tablets, phone or laptops. Participants may need to move from one location to another to complete tasks like, capturing a photo, facial recognition and a lot more. Whoever reaches the finish line wins.

Have a digital challenge race in the next team building because:

  • This strengthens team work and bonds between team members.
  • Strategic thinking is needed to win the race; thus, the activity boosts the ability of the participants to think outside the box.
  • Those with great leadership skills will be able to showcase their skills and develop it.
  • Problem-solving skills are enhanced by the diversity of race challenges.

Dragon Boat Race

For the more outgoing team, dragon boat race would be a refreshing activity to have. This is conducted by having a race on the sea or lake using a rowboat. The rowboat will need to be manned by several people working together with a strong coordination to win the race. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins the race.

Try having a dragon boat race on your next team building because:

  • Teamwork is key in winning the race, this activity will enhance the teamwork and bond between the team members.
  • Coordination and sync between members is needed so a great communication needs to be present within the team and at the same improves chance overcoming communication barriers.
  • This will develop leadership skills of different individual of the team.
  • Strategic thinking is developed since there is a need for strategy to win the race.


Go-Karting is also a great way to conduct your team building. This is done by having players race to the finish line by riding a go-kart. The navigation and maneuvering a go-kart proves to be a challenge even to professional drivers and not to mention there will be multiple challenge on the race track before reaching the finish line.

Go with go-karting on your next team building activity since:

  • Strategic thinking is developed by this activity.
  • Everyone can have a chance to participate and enjoy the active.
  • Race track challenges will improve problem solving skills of the team.
  • Body coordination is also developed by this activity.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a tag game done with the use of guns which can fire laser beams made of infrared lights. When an enemy is hit, the infrared receptors in the body armor will indicate the hit mark. This activity is usually done on a firing arena or any theme specific arenas.

Play a laser tag game on your next team building since:

  • This will improve the team work between members as they try to take all opponent down.
  • This will enhance the ability of members to work under pressure.
  • Strategic thinking of the team will be challenged.
  • Communication skills across the team will highly develop.


Paintball may be already a common game during teambuilding however, this still remains to be a great way to enjoy your team building.  It’s a shooting game that uses dyed and gelatin like filled balls. The game uses a special paintball gun to aim and shoot opponents. Whoever gets hit by these balls will eventually wear the color and the team that gets most paintball hits loses the game.

Try having a paintball game on your next team building session because:

  • This will engage every one of the team creating stronger bonds and camaraderie.
  • Communication across the team members will develop and improve.
  • Leadership skills are also enhanced when playing the game.
  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving skills will be heightened.

Pulau Ubin Amazing Race

Pulau Ubin offers one of the greatest amazing race in Singapore. This is almost the same as the regular amazing race however, the race includes multiple challenges and triathlon like activities in order to win the race. These could include cycling, running and a lot of new ways to take up an amazing race challenge.

Bring the team to Pulau Ubin for a great Amazing Race experience because:

  • The level of challenges will make the team work together and improve their bond.
  • Exercising the teams’ critical thinking under pressure will be a great way to win the race.
  • Leadership skills will be developed.
  • The team will be able to improve communication and overcome communication barriers.
  • Team members will be able to think outside the box and improve problem solving skills.

Segway Fun

Visiting Sentosa and have a try of the Segway Fun ride will be a great team building activity for your team. The ride is done by riding a personal transporter that tours and explore the whole place. There will be briefing short lessons on how to use the personal transporter and enjoy the ride.

Take the team to have a try with Segway fun ride because:

  • It provides unique experience to enjoy a tour with the team.
  • The team is sure to get the relaxation and fun they need.
  • Communication will be greatly improved as each member find relaxation during the visit.
  • Teamwork will be strengthened by fun and enjoyment.

Sentosa Adventure

Sentosa Adventure offers variety of team building activities. Sentosa adventure has a lot of options to choose from for your next team building activity like amazing race, rafting, nature tripping, a place for retreat and a whole lot more. The team will have the chance to choose and enjoy the activity the love the most. So, bring the team over to Sentosa because:

  • The team will have fun together and form bond and friendship that will greatly improve their working attitudes with each other.
  • Everyone can have the chance to participate on the activity they feel most comfortable.
  • Communication will greatly improve between team members.
  • This is a unique way to have fun and relax with the team.

Team Building Golf

Golf with the team is a great way to spend the next team building activity. Just like the regular golf game, players will need to finish the course with fewer hits compared to the other team.  On this game however, players will be taking turns to hit the ball until they reach the goal.

Have a team building golf activity on your next team building since:

  • This is a great way to improve team and develop trust to the skills of your comrades.
  • Leadership skills are also heightened as the team work together to execute strategies.
  • This is a game that everyone can enjoy.
  • The team will be able to develop communication skills to each other.


Trampoline is always fun for everyone regardless of age. It may look easy balancing on the trampoline, but it proves to be a challenge to stay out and get the balance to stay up. The team can have a game of last man standing while standing on a trampoline and many other games to make trampoline experience more fun.

Visit a trampoline with the team for the next team building because:

  • It develops body coordination of your team members.
  • Trampoline can be enjoyed by everyone from the team despite differences.
  • Team will be able to communicate on a more personal level while having fun on the trampoline.
  • The fun of the activity can reinforce the bond of the team to each other.

What is team building?

Team building is a series of games and activities designed to enable groups of individuals to better comprehend, appreciate, maximise and work together. Knowles Training Institute team building activities and programs are based around everyone having heaps of fun and working together towards a common team goal.

How do I know which team bonding programs/activities are right for my team?

We will be ablt to do a quick training needs analysis over the phone and figure out what the underlying probelm is with your team, the participants profiles and other factors. From there will be able to recommend the right team building program.

What makes a good team?

A strong team are the foundation of high-performing business and a good team ethic can be held largely accountable for the success and smooth running of the organisation. Here are a few qualities that a successful team possess.

1) A great team communicate well one another.

2) A great team focused on goals and results.

3) Each member contributes their fair share in a great team.

4) A great team offer each other support.

5) Team members are diverse.

6) A great team has good leadership.

7) A great team is organised.

8) A great team knows when and how to have fun.

What is the difference between team building and team bonding?

Team building is for those that want their team to become stronger and more productive as a whole while, while team bonding incorporates fun activities, such as golfing, bowling or cooking, in order to bring the group together.

What are the five stages of team building?

The 5 stages of team building are

  1. Forming stage
  2. Storming stage
  3. Norming stage
  4. Performing stage
  5. Adjourning stage

What group sizes can you work with?

With over 30 team building facilitators and trainers as well as 100 team building partners, we have the capability to work with small groups, 4-5 to larger groups, 200 to 500 people. The size of the participants depends on the locations and the type of team building activities.

Do you provide catering for the team building event?

Yes, we will be able to provide catering for the event based on any dietary requirements.

Can I conduct the team building activities at an external venue?

Yes, we are able to conduct any team building activities at external venues such as hotels and restaurants.

Do you provide team bonding programs overseas?

Yes, we are able to plan and deliver tram bonding programs overseas.

Can you incorporate our company’s mission & vision statement into the team building event?

Yes, we have done this many time before.

Can we do team building in our office?

Yes, we can come to you. Many of our team building programs can be done at your office, depending on how much space is available at your premises. On the other hand, sometimes a nearby venue makes more sense. We’ve staged successful team bonding events at hotels, restaurants, convention centres and training rooms around Singapore.

What is the background of your facilitators?

Our facilitators are subject matter experts in their own field. They have a vast number of experience in developing, implementing and facilitating team building programs

Are you able to conduct team building games and activities for blue collared workers?

Yes, we have done so with many companies.

When I think about team building activities, I think about people pulling ropes or climbing mountains. Is that all there is to team building?

Team building activities are conducted to solve a problem, and we do through fun games and activities, without compromising the end goal.

Many of my employees are introverts and prefer to keep interactions to a minimum.

Our facilitators are trained to bring out the best in everyone.

How long would a team building activity take?

Activites last from anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour.

Is there a winning team and do you hand out prizes for the winning teams?

Many of our team building games include a competitive element. Winners are determined by the total accumulated points throughout the entire team building event. However, the ultimate focus is on the outcome and learning needs.

Some of our clients may choose to give out prizes to winning teams. Some prizes include gift certificates form Starbucks or a GV movie voucher.

For outdoor activities involving different locations, do you provide transportation arrangements as well?


Do you also arrange for flights and accommodations for overseas team building retreats?


We have staff, members or students who are persons with disabilities (PWD) / wheelchair bound / on the autism spectrum. Can we cater some activities for them as well?


Can you do full-day programs? Can you do short, evening, after-work programs? Can you do half-day weekend programs?


What if it rains?

We have wet wether program for outdoor activities.

Am I just able to hire a team building facilitator


Are the activities safe?

Yes. We only work with licensed vendors.

Most of my staff are older, what type of activities are suitable for them?

Not all team building activites are strenous. We have plenty of activites and programs for the elderly.

How long does a team building program last?

A team building program can last from 45 minutes to 2-5 full days depending on the seriousness of the team building issue and the type of activities and/or games.

How much notice do you need to give us to book a team building event?

The notice period depends on the complexity of the team building/bonding event. It can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 months.

What is a charity team building program?

Charity team building programs are where your team contributes to a charity through a ready-made team building program. It can be a charity of your choice or we can source a charity for your team to support. The result of these programs is often something tangible or of value that can be donated to the charity or community group.

How much does team building games and activities cost?

The cost depends on

  1. The type of team building activity
  2. The duration of the team building activity
  3. The location of the team building event
  4. The number of participants

What are the payment methods?

We have 5 forms of payment. Cheque, Bank Transfer, Paypal, DBD Paylah! and Gov@Vendors for public organisations.

What are your credit terms?

We normally offer a 30-day credit term for most organisations.

Fill up the form and we will get back to you in less than 1 working day.

Alternatively, give us a call to have one of our training consultants contact you. Our corporate training courses can be contextualized to meet your organization’s training needs. Leverage on our large pool of professional trainers and consultants for your organization’s training needs.

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