Training Room Rental in Singapore

Corporate Training Room, Seminar Room, Meeting Room, Boardroom, Tuition Room, Study Room, Computer Room, Classroom for Rent in Singapore

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Training Room Rental in Singapore

Corporate Training Room, Seminar Room, Meeting Room, Boardroom, Tuition Room, Study Room, Computer Room, Classroom for Rent in Singapore


$10/h Meeting Room Rental in Singapore

Meeting room for corporate training seminars, courses and workshops in Singapore.

  • Able to Comfortably Seat 10 People (U-Shape Seating Arrangement)

  • 200 Sq Foot of interior space

  • Location: 15 Changi Business Park Crescent (Nearest MRT: EXPO)

  • Weekdays: $10/h,   $40 for 4 hours,   $80 for 8 hours

  • Weekdays: $10/h,   $40 for 4 hours,   $80 for 8 hours

  • Extremely Clean Room, Great Corporate Image

  • High Speed Fiber Internet

  • 49 Inch TV with HDMI Port

  • 1 Glass Boards In Meeting Room

Meeting Room Rentals in Singapore
Classroom Rental in Singapore


$14/h Classroom Rental in Singapore

Classroom for corporate training seminars, courses and workshops in Singapore.

  • Able to Comfortably Seat 15 people (Classroom Seating Arrangement)

  • 250 Sq Foot of interior space

  • Location: 15 Changi Business Park Crescent (Nearest MRT: EXPO)

  • Weekdays: $14/h,  $54  for 4 hours,  $100 for 8 hours

  • Weekends: $16/h,   $64 for 4 hours,   $120 for 8 hours during

  • Extremely Clean Room, Great Corporate Image

  • High Speed Fiber Internet

  • 49 Inch TV with HDMI Port

  • 1 Glass Board


$30/h Training Room Rental in Singapore

Training room for corporate training seminars, courses and workshops in Singapore.

  • Able to Comfortably Seat 80 people (Theater Seating)

  • 1000 Sq Foot of interior space

  • Location: 15 Changi Business Park Crescent (Nearest MRT: EXPO)

  • Weekdays: $30/h,   $115 for 4 hours,   $230 for 8 hours

  • Weekends: $59/h,   $226 for 4 hours,   $451 for 8 hours during

  • Extremely Clean Room, Great Corporate Image

  • High Speed Fiber Internet

  • 69 Inch TV with HDMI Port

  • 7 Glass Boards All Over Training Room

Training Room Rental in Singapore

Knowles Training Institute Training Room Rental

Training Room, Meeting Rooms, Class Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Board Rooms Rental in Singapore
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Training Room Facilities

  • Coffee & Tea Available

  • Water Available

  • Table Setup for Food

  • Free Early Setup

  • Viewings Available

  • Plenty of Power Socket Extensions

  • 12 Minutes to Expo MRT

  • Free Shuttle Bus

  • Conducive Learning Environment

  • Quite Centralised AC

  • Newly Renovated

  • Clean, Separate Toilets For Males & Females

  • Break-Out Area Available

  • Stationary for Boards Provided

  • Brightly Lid Rooms

  • Extremely Quite Environment

  • Staff on Hand to Help

  • Plenty of Parking Spaces

  • Different Seating Styles Available

  • Affordable rates

  • Last Min Printing Service Available

  • Room Meets Fire Safety Codes

  • Spacious Room

  • 5 Minutes Walk to Eateries

Classroom Rental in Singapore

Rental Facilities

Square-Shaped Seating

Meeting room Rental Singapore

Rental Facilities

Meeting Room Seating

Classroom Rental in Singapore

Rental Facilities

Classroom Seating

Training Room Rental in Singapore

Rental Facilities

Clustered Seating

Seminar Room Rental in Singapore

Rental Facilities

U-Shaped Seating

Theater Rental Singapore

Rental Facilities

Theater Seating

What is team building?2019-01-15T11:18:01+00:00

Team building is a series of games and activities designed to enable groups of individuals to better comprehend, appreciate, maximise and work together. Knowles Training Institute team building activities and programs are based around everyone having heaps of fun and working together towards a common team goal.

Do You Have A Computer room For Rent?2018-12-09T14:41:29+00:00

Computers are utilized by countless individuals. Internet use is now an essential component of normal life. Computer rooms are usually rented out for seminars, training and business functions. They have to be clean without food or drink is permitted to the workspace.

Computer technology is progressing rapidly making components smaller and stronger, and also a set of computers could be included into a really compact space. Rented rooms which home computers have to be ventilated so as to give appropriate circulation. The computer rooms also have to be equipped with quick and dependable fire extinguishing systems which may put a fire out in moments ensuring the protection of the inhabitants of the area, in addition to the protection of the computers. They prefer to maintain these sessions in leased computer rooms as it’s more cost efficient and save the business time and space.

There are leased rooms for pc tasks with complete installation which have projectors and other relevant gear. People that are in the software development area favor having a rented area, since the installation lets them present their undivided attention and focus. The space is intended to keep distractions on the exterior and concentration on the interior. They’re equipped with all the required facilities such as an online connection with telephones. An individual has to comply with the regulations and rules which apply to those rooms along with a deposit may be demanded for damages.

While cost may be the number one factor, there are a whole lot of different factors you need to research when choosing to rent a training center.

You are going to want to check the CPU speed, the memory, and also the dimensions of these hard drives. You’ll also need to ensure the kind and size of these monitors meet your requirements.

Next you have to ask about technical assistance. Can there be a dedicated technical pro support individual on site who has the skill to set up and support the applications you’ll use? Make certain the tech will be on site the whole time that the classroom has been used to deal with any issues which may pop up.

In addition, you will need to look at the physical qualities of the classroom. Make sure that it is big enough so that every student has sufficient space for tracks, manuals and space to take notes. Be sure that the projector is top quality and there are whiteboards, flipcharts or alternative media for your teacher to use.

A frequently overlooked facet is HVAC. You do not need your classroom to either be icy or overheated. The perfect configuration is for your own classroom to possess its own controls to ensure heat and air conditioning could be adjusted based on the amount of pupils present.

Make sure you check on other conveniences that you need for the pupils. Are snacks and beverage included? Can there be a break space readily available to the pupils? Could lunch be earned? Is your resort walking distance or is additional transport needed? Can there be a negotiated rate with the resort for the pupils?

A final consideration is the construction itself. Is it contemporary and appealing? Is the place centrally situated and easy to discover? You may wish to learn whether free parking is available in the place for students and when not find out where parking are available along with what commission the student can expect to cover. When there’s a fee for parking, you might choose to create arrangements to pay the cost for those students.

While participants will inform you corporate coaching is time well invested, for the individual responsible for the logistics supporting that instruction, the only mention of it’s going to initiate a desperate hunt for Tylenol to dismiss the inevitable headaches that classroom installation brings.

Are these people so worried? Imagine yourself at the next situation and you will understand.

Your organization has a brand new database program to find out, so a week of instruction was scheduled. You don’t have any dedicated classroom. The practice requires participants to discuss information, therefore the computers included with the training has to be networked. There’ll also be chances for players to produce and publish their own accounts, therefore a networked printer is necessary.

It’s possible to use a few of their own computers, but some of those individuals are just attending a part of their training, so that they want their laptops left inside their offices.

Sue in Accounting is on holiday, which means that you may use her PC. Bob at HR is off in a conference, so that his desktop computer is accessible, and thus is his printer. They’re somewhat below the minimum specs needed for the practice, but they will need to perform. Now you have to bring all this gear to the boardroom and make up it and networked.

It’s Friday afternoon. You figure out how to get him back in time to prepare the community at the board area, but there’s not any time for testing.

Sound intense? You would be amazed how often this situation, or you unexpectedly similar to it, plays out in companies all around the continent. Business applications is becoming increasingly intricate. CRM systems port with ordering methods that interface with stock systems that interface with third party cooling programs, and each time there’s an update, everything changes. There’s absolutely no way around it – coaching is a very important part of the business atmosphere.

Classroom computer leases have stepped up to help offer businesses the tools they must keep their workers educated and can react to customers.

With classroom pc rentals, 1 telephone call is all it takes to receive your training room setup. Inform the supplier what you want and if you require it, and they’ll finish up. Not only will they install your classroom and supply technical support, they will also supply you with the latest technologies, which means that you can make certain your machines can take care of the applications you’re training.

Better still, once the training is completed, the classroom has been gone also.

Do You Have A Meeting Room For Rent?2018-12-09T14:28:34+00:00

When renting an outside meeting room to the company the decision you make has an immediate effect on the impression that your company portrays to its clients and partners. It is not only about the subject itself, the participants however the construction process, the attempt to guarantee the interaction among the participants and getting the very best out of the encounter. Before you allow those sour facts provide your assembly a quick knockout, Have a look at a few easy but helpful hints below and find out how to make it move right:

Such large cities such as London have a great deal to offer in regards to hiring a seminar room. But Prior to Making up your mind for any particular one, do not forget to check out some key points: Primarily, get your eyes on details and also see between the lines to be certain that there will be no hidden fee. You’re extremely likely to be billed extra for several plain white newspapers, a few cups of java, a couple more drops of coffee or possibly a can-not-connect online connection. The ideal thing to do would be to check out whether the rental is inclusive of facilities or not, that should not be greater than #20/day/participant for many meeting rooms in central London.

Ultimately, you may readily prevent frequent humiliation by making sure there are no problems for the participants to join the room for example”no elevator / facilities for handicapped guest”. When you’ve discovered the meeting area that ticks all the boxes, then it is time to contemplate how to organize the space as its capability may change and cause troubles in the future. All participants need to have the ability to join and interact with one another in a company meeting. When it’s a convention, the audience needs to have the ability to acquire the address clearly with no interruptions. Watch, without a transparent vision in your mind, your assembly can prove to be a tragedy as it may be organized for any other functions but not the perfect one.

Many organizers locate”boardroom” design layout works great for interactive assembly as a small sized space with no chairs and tables in circle suits a casual discussion better. A seminar meeting may have a classroom design or u-shaped tables. And not forget to believe forward at a seating plan. Close participants must be separated or else they will wind up speaking to each other instead of becoming involved in the assembly and interacting with other individuals. Imagine how embarrassing it is when the others find those out near participants are discussing entirely irrelevant issues and appreciating them over the meeting topic. Consider mixing up people throughout the meeting since this can help people from various portion of a business, who never occurred to speak to one another, have an opportunity to meet and exchange new ideas. So what variables do you have to take into account when choosing an outside meeting area?


First impressions count and the decoration of a meeting area would be the very first thing spouses and customers will see on coming to your small business meeting. Choosing a venue which defines a professional image automatically places your business in a favorable light, strengthening your experience and ability within your chosen business. Ideally you may want your favorite assembly venue to be well maintained both inside and outside, including the strategy to your construction. Decor ought to be inviting and fresh without a chipped paint or torn rugs in sight.


Meeting tables ought to be weatherproof and pliable and seats must be sturdy and comfortable. Always check to guarantee furniture is in excellent state, wobbly tables and broken seats are distractions that you would like to avoid throughout your enterprise meeting.


Fantastic lighting is crucial for any company meeting. Bad light can’t just make it hard for participants to view significant documentation, but it may also function as a de-motivating variable causing a reduction in concentration. If you may wish to discover a meeting area that provides a great deal of natural lighting, if not an area that has good lighting fittings and fixtures which you could adjust to your requirements. You are going to want to prevent meeting places that are dim and dull as this may often create a poor business environment; something that you don’t need to connect with your organization.


Just how many can I fit right into a space? A significant question as distance is exactly what you are paying for. Careful consideration ought to be made when picking meeting space size – too little and your delegates will be packed together, also big and you find yourself paying for wasted space. Business budgets will restrict the total amount of meeting space which may be hired accordingly that these variables might need to be taken into consideration with price factors in mind. Fixing your meeting area configuration can help enhance space inside a bigger area. An auditorium design can allow you to get the maximum delegates into your assembly area, whereas boardroom, horseshoe or classroom designs will offer increased comfort to your supporters.


All expert assembly places need to have the ability to give high-tech sound and visual conferencing options. Operators such as Avanta Managed Offices will supply the above mentioned assembly room gear as standard, thus there isn’t any additional cost to your organization. They also offer you free Wi-Fi empowered meeting rooms and complimentary IP to IP calls if using AV gear. Video conferencing is another service provided by outside assembly room suppliers. It gives a economical choice for many businesses that run around the planet, something to look at when deciding upon a meeting place. As soon as you’ve carefully considered the decoration, furnishings, light, area and equipment provided by your preferred assembly place, it is important to also take into consideration additional factors like price, location and extra services provided. This will guarantee your favorite place satisfies your expectations.

Additional services and facilities

Besides technologies, many meeting places can provide additional solutions to both compliment and encourage your organization meeting. However, it is important to be aware that although these solutions are valuable they’re also chargeable and should only be contemplated if absolutely necessary to the business meeting. Many small business centers also provide their meeting room customers completely free access to business lounges and breakout regions, with free self-service refreshments. All these additional perks can make employing a meeting room in a company center a more appealing choice.

Customer support

Fantastic customer support is critical to your company since the meeting place you pick is going to essentially become an extension of your new image for the length of your meeting. How place employees interact with your customers and partners will finally alter the perception they’ll have of your organization, so you may wish to locate a meeting venue that provides exceptional customer services.


When choosing a meeting place you are going to want to locate a venue which has good transport connections, so those participating in the assembly can accomplish your place easily. Local centers are also important particularly in the event that you require simple access to crucial business services like banks. If you may wish to discover a meeting place that’s either centrally situated near your enterprise or your customer. Location is the biggest advantage provided by outside assembly rooms; the extra flexibility provided enables your organization to proceed with your clients as and when required.


Time – assembly rooms could be hired for a complete day, half a day or by the hour. This provides a flexible, economical business solution, since you just pay for the period you want.


The dimensions of the meeting room also leads to the price as the bigger the distance, the greater the price. Additional equipment and services may also raise the price of your meeting room reservation. Business tools like video conferencing gear will frequently incur an extra charge, together with facilities such as catering and business support providers. It is important to set with your interview venue supplier what components are and aren’t included; a supplier that doesn’t offer transparent pricing will be one to be avoided. External assembly rooms are a favorite alternative for many modern companies; the flexibility and price savings offered to companies by Amanda has made them the go to fulfilling room support for organisations requiring additional meeting space.

What are your Training Room Rental Fees?2018-11-17T06:59:32+00:00

You may have a look at our training room rental fees table.

Our Terms & Conditions2018-09-15T22:40:23+00:00

Terms and Conditions for Rental of Training Rooms at Knowles Training Institute

All bookings are to be made via the booking form, via phone or e-mail. Bookings are for a minimum of 3 hours unless otherwise agreed by Knowles Training Institute.
All bookings are to be confirmed, with full payment.

Terms & Conditions for Cancellation
Cancellations are to be made via email to phone call to Knowles Training Institute
14-working days and above – full refund
9-working days or less – 50% of total charge
4-working days or less – No refund

Terms & Conditions for Postponement
Knowles Training Institute reserves the right to cancel a booking in the event of unforeseen circumstances and every effort will be made
to notify the client of such cancellations.

  1. All training rooms are arranged in their default seating arrangement.  Any modification(s) made to the default seating arrangement have to be restored to its default setting after use. A penalty of s$100 will be imposed upon clients who fail to do so.
    Clients shall be liable for any damage that results in the course of using Knowles Training Institute facilities.
    Clients are only allowed to use masking tape or blue tack to put up training materials or notes on the wall. A penalty fee of S$100 will
    be imposed for any damages to our wall.
    Clients shall ensure that the rooms are kept clean and tidy at all times. Food and drinks are not allowed to be consumed in our training
    rooms.For credit card payments:
    3.09% administration fees apply.
Do you charge GST?2018-08-31T07:59:27+00:00

No, we do not charge GST. All prices are final Nett fees.

Can I come early for setup?2018-08-31T07:49:16+00:00

You are allowed 30 minutes of early setup before the start of your training course and another 30 minutes to clean/pack up.

How do I make a booking?2018-08-31T07:47:12+00:00

We strongly suggest that you come down to our premises and arrange for a viewing before making a booking. Once you have confirmed the date and time, call us at +65 6935 7406, or email

How do I make payment?2018-08-31T07:45:02+00:00

We accept 4 forms of payment for training room bookings:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. DBS PayLAH
  3. Cheque
  4. Cash
Can I arrange for viewings?2018-08-31T07:42:03+00:00

Yes, you can come down for a viewing during our office hours from 9 am to 5 pm Mondays to Fridays. To make an appointment please call +65 6935 7406.

Am I able to cater food for my training participants?2018-11-17T05:35:54+00:00

Yes, you are allowed to cater food. There is ample space available at the breakout area to set up a buffet spread.

You may click here for more information on catering options.

What are the different seating arrangements?2018-09-17T15:37:35+00:00

We have a variety of different seating arrangements that we can cater to:

  1. Auditorium Style Seating Arrangement
  2. Classroom Style Seating Arrangement
  3. Hollow Square Style Seating Arrangement
  4. Boardroom Style Seating Arrangement
  5. Horseshoe Style Seating Arrangement
  6. U Shape Style Seating Arrangement
  7. Clustered Style Seating Arrangement
  8. Theater Style Seating Arrangement
  9. Cabaret Style Seating Arrangement

For more information on the different seating arrangements and their benefits click here.

Can I request for a specific seating arrangement?2018-08-31T07:23:41+00:00

Yes, we are able to cater to your specific seating arrangement for bookings of more then 3 hours. For bookings less then 3 hours. We suggest that the trainer or facilitator arrive early to arrangement the seating style best suited for them.

Can I book the training room after office hours?2018-08-31T07:20:53+00:00

Yes, you may book the training room after office hours. Do note that the there is an addition $30 per hour for rooms that are booked after 6 pm to 8 am on weekdays and all anytime during the weekends.

What are your operating hours?2018-08-31T07:17:45+00:00

Our operating hours are Knowles Training Institute is 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Fridays. However, Training rooms are available for rent 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How do I get to your location?2018-08-31T07:16:26+00:00

There are a number of ways to reach our training location. Download the PDF files below for your preferred method:

Public Bus Service


Shuttle Bus Service

Changi City Point Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service To Changi Airport


Where are you located?2018-08-31T06:49:07+00:00
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We are located at:

15 Changi Business Park Crescent

Haite Aviation & Safety Building

Unit: #05-06

Singapore 486006

Where do i Park?2018-09-14T16:30:13+00:00

There are parking space available at the basement of the building.

Monday to Sunday & Public holidays:

Cars: $1.40 per hour

Motorbikes: $0.80 per entry

Are there eateries available?2018-08-31T05:57:21+00:00

There are plenty of eateries available near the training facility. There is a big food course 5 minutes away and Changi City Point is located 10 mins away should you should to walk. There are also shuttle buses available every 10-15 minutes that goes to Changi City Point during Lunch hour, during the weekdays.

Are toilets available?2018-08-31T05:54:50+00:00

Tes we do have both Male and Females toilets available. There are staff there that cleans the toilet 4-5 times a day.

What are the facilities available in the training room?2018-08-31T05:53:20+00:00

We have the following facilities in the our training room:

  • High Speed Fiber Internet
  • Big Screen TV
  • Glassboards for Trainer
  • Glassboards for Participants
  • Markers for Glassboards
  • Breakout Area for Participants, Couches, Table Tennis Table
  • Access to Coffee Machine and Water
  • Clean Toilets
  • Comfortable and Clean Tables & Chairs.
Training Room Rental Singapore
Training Room Rental in Singapore
Seminar Room Rental Singapore
Classroom Rental Singapore
Meeting Room Rental Singapore
Corporate Training Room Rental in Singapore
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We are located at:

15 Changi Business Park Crescent

Haite Aviation & Safety Building

Unit: #05-06

Singapore 486006

Fill up the form and we will get back to you in less than 1 working day.

Alternatively, give us a call to have one of our training consultants contact you. Our corporate training courses can be contextualised to meet your organisation’s training needs. Leverage on our large pool of professional trainers and consultants for your organisation’s training needs.

Office Address: Knowles Training Institute, 15 Changi Business Park Crescent, #05-06, Haite Building, Singapore 486006

Office Phone: +65 6935 7406


Whatsapp: +65 9029 4015

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