Administration Short Courses

1. Administrative Office Procedures Course

Administrative office procedures may not be exciting, but they are crucial to the success of any company. A well run office decreases miscommunications and helps to reduce common errors. By making the administrative office precedence, you will set clear policies and procedures with employee recognition and buy-in, which guarantees that your company runs smoothly.

Every organization needs a structured set of rules to follow. Administrative procedures are needed to be set to create order in the workplace. When everyone complies with the admin rules, miscommunications are lessened, everyone is held accountable and efficient in meeting deliverables daily. This course will let you discover how to establish administrative office procedures and how to make everyone comply in your company

2. Administrative Skills Course

Whether it’s answering emails, taking in calls, or scheduling flights, administrative tasks might seem easy, but it’s one of the most in-demand jobs that require a lot of attention to detail and high resistance to a pressured environment. Read on to find the list of administrative skills and which of them could benefit your organization.

Administrative Skills are skills needed to maintain the continuity of business operations and coordinate activities being conducted. Businesses have Administrative Skills as part of their core needs in order to function properly, yet most business professionals tend to overlook and underestimate the value of having Administrative Skills.

Learning Administrative Skills is necessary for building one’s capacity as a well-versed and competent business professional. Every business professional needs to know how to perform key functions in order to progress in the corporate ladder.

In this Administrative Skills course, participants will learn the basic administrative skills that they need to have. This course will discuss the scope of administrative skills as well as its function in the business setting. Part of this course will also teach how to do administrative skills on par with best practices and business standards.

3. Administrative Support Staff Skills Course

Every organization needs an administrative staff who will make sure things are running smoothly leaving the senior executive they support free to deal with other important tasks. If you want to be of value to the industry, learning administrative support staff skills could secure you a job that will last a long time.

4. Archiving And Records Management Course

When you put data into an archive, you are collecting them in safe storage so they could be readily available when needed in the future. In the workplace, it is important that files and data managed in an organized and secure manner for most of these contain sensitive information that could cost the company damage when not handled properly.

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