The Best Ways to Stop Smoking According to The Latest Research

About This Corporate Workplace Wellness Talks in Singapore:

Giving up smokingt can be tricky, and alternatives like patches, lozenges, and even toothpicks attempt an alternative to the deadly cigarette. 70% of smokers insist they want to quit, but still the addiction perseveres. In this talk learn the top ways backed by science to quit somking today.

Duration of this Workplace Wellness Talk in Singapore: 60 minutes

Workplace Wellness Talk Fees in Singapore: SGD 899.97 SGD 889.97

Talk Content:

  • Set Short-Term Goals That Can Lead to Long-Term Results 
  • Pinpoint Your Smoking Triggers 
  • Adopt Replacement Habits 
  • Consider Nicotine-Replacement Therapy in Singapore
  • Seek Professional Support in Singapore

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