Corporate Workplace Wellness Talk in Singapore

Top 20 Workplace Wellness Talks in Singapore

Corporate Workplace Wellness Talk in Singapore

Corporate Workplace Wellness Talk in Singapore, Wellness Talk Singapore

About This Corporate Workplace Wellness Talks in Singapore:

Companies today should no longer question if corporate wellness is required, but rather, ask how they can do better. More organisations are investing in wellness talks and courses paired with incentives to help keep their workers engaged. Corporate wellness is evermore so entrenched in workplace practices and policies.

Happier and healthier employees lead to much higher productivity and overall job satisfaction. Healthier offices can also help to draw in desirable talent and urge employees to stay longer. These wellness programmes not only directly benefit the employees but they also make companies more appealing to shareholders.

The opposite is just as true. Organisations that neglect their employees are likely to bear the outcomes publicly, with notable examples facing immense pressure from shareholders and having to restructure C-level executives. Companies today should no longer wonder if corporate wellness is required, but rather, ask how they can do better.

Top 6 Benefits of Employee Workplace Wellness Programs

Even though the benefits of an employee wellness program are hard to see at first, indeed, healthy employees habitually bring a range of advantages to other employees and the organisations they work for. Below are some of the advantages of an employee wellness program.

  1. Increased productivity
    Employees who eat healthily and exercise frequently are likely to be more productive than those who do not. Bad health behaviours are linked to high levels of unproductivity and eventually lead to higher health risks and chronic diseases.
  2. Decrease in absenteeism
    Workplaces with comprehensive wellness programs experience much less absenteeism. This is because healthier employees are less stress, leading to cost savings.
  3. Higher employee morale
    Workplace wellness plans make employees feel cherished and valued. Employees are more satisfied when they feel appreciated and valued by their employers. The offer of workplace wellness programs usually leads to more enthusiastic employees at work.
  4. Builds camaraderie among workers
    Individual workplace wellness initiatives offer employees the chance to experience other activities unrelated to work, such as engaging in a sports team, going to the gym, or having lunch together. The interaction of co-workers encourages bonding that helps teams work better together.
  5. Increase in recruitment and retention of employees
    Excellent workplace wellness programs will help organisations to hire, as well as retain, the best employees. Many individuals will choose wellness and health offerings and other benefits when they want to determine an employer. Wellness plans also play a pivitol role in employee retention by helping to keep the employees loyal.
  6. Reduction in health risks
    Helping employees to adopt healthy behaviours such as eating healthily, exercising, and avoiding smoking lowers health risks. Low health risks lead to a reduction in health care costs.

Duration of this Workplace Wellness Talk in Singapore: 60 minutes

Workplace Wellness Talk Fees in Singapore for Each Talk: $899.97  $589.97

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