Servant Leadership Skills Course in Singapore

About This Servant Leadership Skills Training Course

Servant Leadership Skills Course in Singapore

“A servant leader is one who is a servant first and who has a natural feeling to serve first,” said Robert Greenleaf who coined the term “servant leadership”. This is a whole new perspective to being a traditional leader who wants to lead first. Servant leaders are remarkable in their ability to put others first.

Who Should Attend This Servant Leadership Skills Workshop

This Servant Leadership Skills workshop is ideal for anyone who would like to gain a strong grasp and improve their Servant Leadership Skills.

  • All Staff Within An Organisation

  • Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Executives

  • Assistants

  • Officers

  • Secretaries

Group Size For This Servant Leadership Skills Training Program

The ideal group size for this Servant Leadership Skills course is:

  • Minimum: 5 Participants

  • Maximum: 15 Participants

Course Duration For This Servant Leadership Skills Course

The duration of this Servant Leadership Skills workshop is 2 full days. Knowles Training Institute will also be able to contextualised this workshop according to different durations; 3 full days, 1 day, half day, 90 minutes and 60 minutes.

  • 2 Full Days

  • 9 a.m to 5 p.m

Servant Leadership Skills Course Benefits 

Below is the list of course benefits of our Servant Leadership Skills course

  • Improves the traits of listening to others and understanding them
  • Enhances the skills of empathy
  • Enhances the techniques of coaching, mentoring and relationship-oriented leadership styles
  • Improves the skills of persuasion and encouragement
  • Ensures the team welfare and well-being

Servant Leadership Skills Course Objectives

Below is the list of course objectives of our Servant Leadership Skills course

  • Understand the concept of servant leadership
  • Relate the traits of servant leadership to improving the morale of the team members
  • Identify the characteristics required for being a servant leader
  • State the barriers to servant leadership
  • Understand the benefits of servant leadership
  • Identify the scenarios in which servant leadership should be practiced

Course Content For This Servant Leadership Skills Training Course

Below is the list of course content of our Servant Leadership Skills training course

Servant Leadership Module 1: What is Servant Leadership?
A Desire to Serve
Knowing to Share the Power
Putting Others First
Helping Employees Grow
Servant Leadership Case Study 1
Servant Leadership 1: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Module 2: Leadership Practices
Democratic Leadership Style
Laissez-Faire Style
Leading by Example
Path-Goal Theory
Servant Leadership Case Study 2
Servant Leadership 2: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Module 3: Share the Power
Being Empathetic
Learn to Delegate
Their Success is Your Success
Know When to Step In
Servant Leadership Case Study 3
Servant Leadership 3: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Module 4: Characteristics of a Servant Leader
Listening Skills
Persuasive Powers
Recognizes Opportunities
Relates to Employees
Servant Leadership Case Study 4
Servant Leadership 4: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Module 5: Barriers to Servant Leadership
Excessive Criticism
Doing Everything Yourself
Sitting on the Sidelines
Demanding from Employees
Servant Leadership Case Study 5
Servant Leadership 5: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Module 6: Building a Team Community
Identify the Group Needs
Complement Member Skills
Create Group Goals
Encourage Communication
Servant Leadership Case Study 6
Servant Leadership 6: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Module 7: Be a Motivator
Make it Challenging
Provide Resources
Ask for Employee Input
Offer Incentives
Servant Leadership Case Study 7
Servant Leadership 7: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Module 8: Be a Mentor
Establish Goals
Know When to Praise or Criticize
Create a Supportive Environment
Create an Open Door Policy
Servant Leadership Case Study 8
Servant Leadership 8: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Module 9: Training Future Leaders
Offer Guidance and Advice
Identify Their Skill Sets
Methods of Feedback
Establish Long Term Goals
Servant Leadership Case Study 9
Servant Leadership 9: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Module 10: Self-Reflection
Keep a Journal
Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Identify Your Needs
Creating Your Own Goals
Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations
Servant Leadership Case Study 10
Servant Leadership 10: Review Questions

Servant Leadership Skills Value Added Materials

Each participant will receive the following materials for the Servant Leadership Skills course

Servant Leadership Skills Learner’s Guide

Servant Leadership Skills Key Takeaways Notes

Servant Leadership Skills Essentials Ebook

Servant Leadership Skills Course Handouts

Servant Leadership Skills 30-Day Action Plan

Servant Leadership Skills MindMaps Pack

Servant Leadership Skills PPT Slides Used During Course

Servant Leadership Skills Long-Term Memory Flashcards Pack

Servant Leadership Skills E-Learning Course

Servant Leadership Skills Online Video Course

Servant Leadership Skills Essentials Audiobook

Servant Leadership Skills Infographics Pack

Servant Leadership Skills Certification

Each course participant will receive a certification of training completion

Course Fees

There are 3 pricing options available for this Servant Leadership Skills training course. Course participants not in Singapore may choose to sign up for our online Servant Leadership Skills training course.

2-Full Day Course

  • Learner’s Guide
  • Course Handouts

Premium 2-Full Day Course

  • Learner’s Guide
  • Course Handouts
  • PPT Slides Used During Training Course
  • Long-Term Memory Flashcards Guide TM
  • 1 Year Access to Online Training Video Course (*Worth S$589.97)
  • Contact Your Trainer: 90-Day Post Course Help (*Worth S$89.97)
  • Key Learning Takeaway Notes (*Worth S$18.97)
  • Audio Book (*Worth S$18.97)
  • eBook (*Worth S$14.97)
  • Course Infographics Pack (*Worth S$11.97)
  • Course Mind Maps (*Worth S$8.97)
  • 30-Day Action Plan

Upcoming Servant Leadership Skills Training Course Schedule

Contact us for the latest Servant Leadership Skills course schedules:

Phone: +65 6817 2530




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      • Course Development — The workshop modules follow a systematic and logical arrangement. This structure helps to ensure that the course material allows the facilitators to deliver the course in a logical arrangement. Consider the subjects as building bricks into learning, our facilitators slowly build towards a comprehensive picture of this entire topic.

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      The servant-leader is a servant first. It starts with the natural feeling that one wants to serve first. Then deliberate choice brings one to aspire to lead.
      Find the best examples of servant leadership in religious and political leaders. Features of a servant leader include active listening, persuasion, foresight, conceptualisation, stewardship, commitment to growth and emancipation, empathy, healer, awareness, and community building.
      The ten principles of servant leadership are: Listening. Leaders are those who make the decisions. Empathy. Servant leaders aim to understand and empathise with others. Healing. Healing brings about transformation and integration. Awareness. Persuasion. Conceptualisation. Foresight. Stewardship.
      Servant leadership is the idea that a leader should be ready to support the greater good even if it means temporarily sacrificing one's self or ideas. It covers the concept that meeting the needs of others is what allows neighbourhoods and businesses to reach their full potential.
      Servant leadership is a leadership theory in which an individual communicates with others-either with management or employee capacity-with the purpose of achieving authority rather than power. The authority figure aims to improve the well-being of everyone in the organisation.
      Here are the seven pillars of Servant Leadership: Person of character: Makes ethical and principle-centred decisions. Puts people first: Shows care and concern. Skilled communicator: Listens earnestly & speaks persuasively. Compassionate collaborator: Has foresight: Systems thinker: Leads with moral authority.
      One can become a servant leader by improving on these eight characteristics: Listening. Empathy. Persuasion. Conceptualisation. Foresight. Stewardship. Healing. Awareness.
      Find the best examples of servant leadership in religious and political leaders. Features of a servant leader include active listening, persuasion, foresight, conceptualisation, stewardship, commitment to growth and emancipation, empathy, healer, awareness, and community building.
      Servant leadership is a leadership theory built on the belief that the most effective leaders attempt to assist others, rather than accumulate power or take control. The others, as mentioned above, can include customers, partners, fellow employees and the community at large. Management expert Robert K coined this term.
      The servant mindset - Servant Leadership means what it sounds like: A leader serves his or her team. A servant leader concentrates on the needs of each member of the team and how his or her efforts can help them succeed and do their best work. It is also about changing mindset for success.
      Makes Employees More Complacent. When employees assume their manager will step in to take care of any needs they have or to resolve issues that arise, they have the temptation to sit back and exert less effort in their daily tasks. A loss of motivation and productivity is one of the significant limitations of servant leadership.
      Follow these steps to become a servant leader: Spend time to identify how one as a leader can support the team instead of defining expectations. Have the team keep an eye on the leader's activities rather than the other way around. Ask for feedback rather than telling the team what to do.
      There are studies on whether the servant-leadership trait is an innate personality trait, a learned behaviour, or a combination of both. Genuine servant leadership is to serve others and to put others' interests before personal interests (Greenleaf, 1977).
      The main components of servant leadership originate from the love for others and charitable focus of servant-leaders. Service. Servant leadership is the reverse of power leadership. Leaders using power leadership exercise authority for personal ends and to manage others. Collaborative Authority. Mentoring. Foresight.
      The answer to how to motivate employees is the focus of a servant leader. Place the welfare and growth of everyone in the organisation as a priority as a servant leader. The motivating element of a Servant Leader is the pursuit of every opportunity to positively impact the behaviours of employees first – making a distinction in their lives.
      One is a servant leader when focusing on the needs of others before considering one's own. Servant leadership is a longer-term approach to leadership, rather than a technique to adopt in specific situations. Therefore, use it with other leadership style types such as Transformational Leadership.
      While reassessing the management approach, here are four advantages a servant leadership style can have for the organisation. Employee Loyalty. A Stronger and More Cohesive Culture. Higher Productivity. Servant leadership Enhances one's ability as a departmental Manager.
      Here are the other types of leadership: Autocratic leadership. Autocratic leaders, also known as authoritarian leaders, ordinarily hold the entire power, authority, and responsibility in an organisation. Charismatic leadership. Transformational leadership. Laissez-faire leadership. Transactional leadership. Supportive leadership. Democratic leadership.
      A great leader possesses a sharp vision, is brave, has integrity, honesty, humility and has a clear focus. Great leaders assist people to reach their goals, are unafraid to hire people that might be smarter than them and take self-confidence in the accomplishments of those they help along the way.
      A disadvantage to servant leadership is that it takes time for implementation. The basis of this theory is on growing trustworthy relationships, team building, and an understanding of each person's belonging in the workplace. This process takes time to do.

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