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Corporate Health Talks in Singapore. Corporate Health Talk in Singapore.

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Organisations today should no longer question if corporate health is required, but rather, ask how they can do better. More organisations are investing in wellness talks and courses paired with incentives to help keep their workers engaged. Corporate health is always, so entrenched in workplace practices and policies.

Health programs are more than a perk. A majority of organisations regard workplace health programs as an effective way to address the growing trend of chronic diseases from heart disease to diabetes and the related costs that are reducing their bottom line. About 80% of these diseases are lifestyle-related, experts say, and having a health program on-board that helps employees adopt much healthier habits can significantly lessen illness, accidents, absences and medical claims. Improved productivity is an additional and hard-to-ignore advantage. Happier and healthier employees point to much higher productivity and overall job fulfilment. Healthier offices can also assist to draw in excellent talent and urge employees to stay longer. These health programmes not only immediately benefit the employees but they also make organiations more appealing to shareholders. The opposite is just as true. Companies that neglect their workers are likely to bear the outcomes publicly, with notable examples facing enormous pressure from shareholders and having to restructure C-level executives. Organisations today should no longer wonder if corporate health is needed, but rather, ask how they can do better.

Duration of Our Health Talks Singapore 2019: 60 minutes

Fees of Our Health Talks Singapore 2019: $1899.97  $989.97

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Increasing Health Awareness (Health Talks Singapore 2019)
A workplace health program is an organised program, to assist and support workers in establishing healthier lifestyles. Such programs may include increasing employee awareness on health topics, scheduling behaviour change programs, and establishing corporation policies that support health-related goals. Programs and policies that promote improved exercise, smoking avoidance and cessation and healthful food selections are some examples.

Worksite health strategies have been shown to Lead to cost savings for a company. A study of 42 studies has demonstrated that worksite health promotion programs can lead to more than 25% reduction in absenteeism, health care costs and disability/employeescompensation costs.

Comprehensive worksite health programs focused on lifestyles behaviour changes have been shown to produce a $3 to $6 return on investment for each dollar invested. According to those studies, it takes about 2 to 5 years after the initial program investment to achieve the savings.

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