Social intelligence involves the use of brains to navigate through difficult emotional situations and social relationships. The ability helps us to adjust according to various working environments. Social intelligence proves to be effective in dealing with complex socialisation processes such as family relationships, politics, competition, collaboration, and more.

It can also be defined as the capability to act wisely whilst maintaining human relations. It is entirely different from just having intelligence. For instance, most exceptionally intelligent persons struggle a lot when it comes to maintaining a healthy social life. The intelligence builds up with one’s collection of facts and knowledge about the outside world. This is influenced by a lot of factors such as self-confidence and desire to meet new people.

Social intelligence has been found in successful marketing executives and managers. This is because they find it easy to find their group of people and have appropriate responses for each query. Thus, a person’s personality is a product of his or her knowledge in a wide range of areas and the level of social interactions.

Even with our unique ways of looking at issues and difference of opinions, we can agree that we are social beings. Thus, we have to interact with others. We need to relate to knowledge, awareness, survival, and growth. You have to make some adjustments in your life when it comes to relating to others.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: SGD 1899.97 SGD 889.97

Talk Content:

  1. Know different tools for effective listening
  2. How to determine appropriate topics for conversation
  3. How to communicate interpersonally effectively
  4. Learn how to recognize different social cues
  5. How you can be empathetic to other people
  6. Develop an understanding of social intelligence and how it can impact leadership effectiveness
  7. Improve self-management by applying social intelligence techniques
  8. Boost social awareness by utilizing different techniques for identifying emotional states in other people
  9. Create an actionable program that supports emotional competencies and relationships
  10. Enhance relationship management skills using different techniques and tips for empathetic listening
  11. Understand how social intelligence and how it can affect your interactions and decision making
  12. How to treat other people as human beings and not objects

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