Powers Of Persuasion Course in Singapore

About This Powers Of Persuasion Training Course

Powers Of Persuasion Course in Singapore

About This Course

It is said that the earliest record of the use of persuasion in public is by Greek politicians as they exert their public speaking skills and charms to coax the masses to support their causes. Persuasion and influence fall on the positive side of the methods of acquisition, as opposed to manipulation and coercion. Over the years, it has gained growing attention in psychological studies with many theories made around it.

One of the most famous masterpieces is a book written by Dr. Robert B. Cialdini in 1984 entitled “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. In his observations, he concluded that persuasion operates on six principles namely: reciprocity, consistency, social proof, authority, liking, and scarcity. This model has become a backbone of the marketing and business world, especially in conversion rates, gaining popularity through the Internet and largely with the help of Dr. Cialdini’s former students.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the workings of persuasion, a person can employ its principles and theories to its full potential. This course will teach the participant about the extent the powers of persuasion could reach when the skills have been mastered and the principles understood

Who Should Attend This Powers Of Persuasion Workshop

This Powers Of Persuasion workshop is ideal for anyone who would like to gain a strong grasp and improve their Powers Of Persuasion.

  • All Staff Within An Organisation

  • Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Executives

  • Assistants

  • Officers

  • Secretaries

Group Size For This Powers Of Persuasion Training Program

The ideal group size for this Powers Of Persuasion course is:

  • Minimum: 5 Participants

  • Maximum: 15 Participants

Course Duration For This Powers Of Persuasion Skills Course

The duration of this Powers Of Persuasion workshop is 2 full days. Knowles Training Institute will also be able to contextualised this workshop according to different durations; 3 full days, 1 day, half day, 90 minutes and 60 minutes.

  • 2 Full Days

  • 9 a.m to 5 p.m

Powers Of Persuasion Course Benefits

Below is the list of course benefits of our Powers Of Persuasion course

  • Instills the significance of persuasion and how it extends its influence in daily life
  • Develops the participant’s persuasion skills through principles and theories
  • Introduces the participant to the complex study of persuasion
  • Helps the participant to employ persuasion skills in appropriate situations
  • Enhances the participant’s leadership qualities due to the effective influence of others
  • Expands the participant’s connections and influence which boosts self-image and possible promotions
  • Improves the participant’s skills in self-expression which results in solid and logical arguments
  • Avoids the misuse of persuasion skills that could lead to negative consequences

Powers Of Persuasion Course Objectives

Below is the list of course objectives of our Powers Of Persuasion course

  • Recall the basics in the psychology of persuasion
  • Determine the relationship between persuasion and influence
  • Define the major theories involving persuasion
  • Describe the importance of enhancing one’s persuasion skills
  • Site the instances when persuasion skills are required or could be employed
  • Enumerate the six principles of persuasion according to Cialdini
  • Define each of the six principles of persuasion
  • Apply each of the six principles by giving real-life examples
  • List the different methods of persuasion
  • Determine how to improve one’s skills in persuasion
  • Learn the benefits of having excellent persuasion skills
  • Employ the correct principle/s in different business-related situations through an activity

Course Content For This Powers Of Persuasion Training Course

Below is the list of course content of our Powers Of Persuasion training course

  • Introduction to the psychology of persuasion
  • The major theories of persuasion
  • Why is it important to hone your persuasion skills?
  • What are the six principles of persuasion according to Cialdini?
  • Reciprocity – Giving something and accepting something back
  • Self-consistency – Committing and upholding a certain image
  • Social Proof – Getting into the bandwagon for validation
  • Perceived Authority – Confidence in titles and esteemed professionals
  • Likeability – Putting the charms to work
  • Scarcity – Putting a value in limited editions
  • Different methods of persuasion
  • How can you improve your powers of persuasion?
  • What are the benefits of having excellent persuasion skills?
  • Activity: Use the appropriate principle/s in certain business situations
  • Activity: What are the theories involved in each situation?

Powers Of Persuasion Value Added Materials

Each participant will receive the following materials for the Powers Of Persuasion course

Powers Of Persuasion Learner’s Guide

Powers Of Persuasion Key Takeaways Notes

Powers Of Persuasion Essentials Ebook

Powers Of Persuasion Course Handouts

Powers Of Persuasion 30-Day Action Plan

Powers Of Persuasion MindMaps Pack

Powers Of Persuasion PPT Slides Used During Course

Powers Of Persuasion Long-Term Memory Flashcards Pack

Powers Of Persuasion E-Learning Course

Powers Of Persuasion Online Video Course

Powers Of Persuasion Essentials Audiobook

Powers Of Persuasion Infographics Pack

Powers Of Persuasion Certification

Each course participant will receive a certification of training completion

Course Fees

There are 3 pricing options available for this Powers Of Persuasion training course. Course participants not in Singapore may choose to sign up for our online Powers Of Persuasion training course.

2-Full Day Course

  • Learner’s Guide
  • Course Handouts

Premium 2-Full Day Course

  • Learner’s Guide
  • Course Handouts
  • PPT Slides Used During Training Course
  • Long-Term Memory Flashcards Guide TM
  • 1 Year Access to Online Training Video Course (*Worth S$589.97)
  • Contact Your Trainer: 90-Day Post Course Help (*Worth S$89.97)
  • Key Learning Takeaway Notes (*Worth S$18.97)
  • Audio Book (*Worth S$18.97)
  • eBook (*Worth S$14.97)
  • Course Infographics Pack (*Worth S$11.97)
  • Course Mind Maps (*Worth S$8.97)
  • 30-Day Action Plan

Course Discounts, Fundings & Subsidies

We have the following  discounts, fundings & subsidies for this Powers Of Persuasion training course

Upcoming Powers Of Persuasion Training Course Schedule

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  • Course Development — The workshop modules follow a systematic and logical arrangement. This structure helps to ensure that the course material allows the facilitators to deliver the course in a logical arrangement. Consider the subjects as building bricks into learning, our facilitators slowly build towards a comprehensive picture of this entire topic.

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