online learning

There is no single definition of online learning. It includes learning with the assistance of the Internet and a personal computer. The term e-learning, or electronic learning, often is used interchangeably with online learning.

Frostburg’s nursing online learning can consist of both real-time interactions, such as in Elluminate, as well as interactions, which occur over extended periods of time, such as email or an online discussion board. Your courses will be broken up into modules that contain the learning content and activities you will have to complete. Each module usually begins with text readings, PowerPoint, and lectures that provide the information you will need to complete the assignments. The learning activities will vary each module and might include discussions, scenarios, simulations, projects, or papers.

The important benefit of online learning is that it can span time and distance. You do not have to be in the same place as your teacher to obtain course-related information. Even if you are attending a traditional course, when the instructor uses Blackboard, you can have anywhere, anytime access to your course documents along with consistent interaction with your classmates and teacher.