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Key Features of Our Learning Management System (LMS) Software

  1. LMS Courses
    • Create and Sell Online Courses.
    • Create and upload custom badges and certificates.
    • Free Units for Online Course Preview.
    • Supports Audio/Video and Attachments in Units.
    • Course Curriculum and Online Course Timeline.
    • Course Reviews & Ratings.
    • Exclusive Online Course Groups & Forums.
    • Front End Functions:
      • Manual Online Course Evaluation.
      • Remove reset Courses for Students.
      • Overall Course Statistic.
      • Students Course Statistic.
      • Course Result.
      • Auto Messages & Notifications.
      • Bulk Messaging.
      • Live status in Online Course Timeline.
      • Set Course Status, award marks for course.
      • Award Certificates, Badges.
      • Extend subscriptions.
    • Custom LMS Widget : Online Course Widget.
      • Displays Online Courses ordered by # students, # ratings, #reviews, date.
      • Displays Online Courses in Single Items, Course lists and Online Course Carousels.
    • Custom LMS Widget : BP Online Course Search.
      • Search in Courses.
      • Select Instructor, Course Category or Online Course levels to search in.
    • Custom LMS Widget : Course Reviews.
      • Displays Online Courses reviews.
      • Displays Online course reviews in Single Items, in the form of lists and Carousels.
    • Custom LMS Widget : Site statistic.
      • Displays Site wide statistic.
      • Displays # Instructors, #students, #courses, #units etc..
    • Custom LMS Widget : BP Course Instructor.
      • Displays Instructor of the Single Online Course.
      • Displays other courses taken by Instructor.
  2. LMS Quizes
    • Question Bank
    • Auto Evaluation
    • LMS Quiz Timer
    • LMS Quiz Timeline
    • Quesiton Types : Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct, Fill in the Blank, Sort, Match, Select dropdown, Small text & Essay Type
    • Detailed Result From Courses
    • Auto Messaging & Notifications
    • Front End Functions:
      • Quiz Automatic/Manual Evaluation.
      • Reset Quiz for Student.
      • Quiz Auto Submit on timer expire.
      • In Online Course vs Stand alone quiz.
      • One Question per frame or Multi Question per frame.
      • Live status in Quiz Timeline.
      • Quiz support Audio, Video, Latex.
      • Quiz Stats, download student scores.
      • Dynamic Question, create quiz from pool of questions.
      • Share / Print result.
  3. LMS Statistics
    • Detailed LMS Statistics
      • Full Course Statistics
      • Quiz Statistics
      • Assignment Statistics
    • Instructor Stats (Front End):
      • Full Course Statistics
      • Student Wise Statistics
    • Admin Statistics:
      • Statistics Overview : Total number of Students, instructors, courses, number of students courses graphs
      • Course-wise Statistics: Each Course with # students, Average marks, # badges, #certificates
      • Instructor-wise Statistics: Each Instructor with # students, Averge marks, # badges, #certificates
  4. LMS Assignments
    • Assignments similar to HomeWork, Timer, Auto submit.
    • Multiple Assignment Uploader.
    • Essay-type assignment.
    • Include assignment in Online Course, Unit, Event.
    • Detailed Result with instructor remarks.
    • Auto Messaging & Notifications.
    • Front End Functions:
      • Assignment Manual Evaluation.
      • Reset Assignment for Student.
      • Assignment Auto Submit on timer expire.
      • Remarks from Instructor.
      • Message, Notification or Email.
  5. LMS Bulk Import/Export
    • Export CSV
      • Import & create online Course, Quiz, Questions, Assignments
      • Import & create Users
      • Connect users with online courses, quizzes, assignments with marks
    • Import CSV
      • Full Course Statistics
      • Student Wise Statistics
    • Admin Stats:
      • Overview : Total Students, instructors, online courses, number of students courses graphs
      • Course-wise stats : Each Course with number of students, Average marks, # badges, #certificates
      • Instructor-wise stats: Each Instructor with number of students, Averge marks, # badges, #certificates
  6. Other LMS Features
    • Multiple Course in single product
    • Enable/Disable Subscriptions
    • Custom Subscription duration for each Product
    • Private Online Course Groups
    • Private Online Course Forums
    • BuddyPress Privacy Options; Enable and Disable Activity Access to Students, Instructors, Admin or All
    • Responsive and RetinaReady
    • Compatible with latest WordPress
    • Widgetized Mega Menu
    • Drag Drop Page Builder
    • Live Theme Customiser
    • Change theme element background/color Live
    • Adjust Font Sizes
    • Ability to Change all Font family/styles from 600+ Google fonts
    • Ability to Change font colors
    • Add Social Sharing in Blog Posts
    • Supports HTML5 Audio/Video, Vimeo, Youtube.
    • Template Layouts; Three Page Layouts.
    • Form Generator
    • CSS3 Animations; 15+ animation effects
    • One Click Auto Update.
    • Translation Ready.
    • Responsive HTML5 Video Player with Flash Fallback
    • Responsive Audio player for hosted audio files.
    • Responsive Gallery.
    • HTML5 and CSS3 tableless design .
    • Retina Ready Gravtars
    • Easily add Google analytics.
    • Full Screen background Option.
    • Works in all major browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

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