How To Handle Criticism Lunch Talk In Singapore

Welcome to an enlightening lunchtime discourse on the art of handling criticism, right here in the heart of Singapore. In a bustling metropolis where professional growth and personal development intersect, the ability to navigate criticism gracefully is a valuable skill set. Against the backdrop of Singapore’s dynamic business landscape, our talk promises to delve into the nuances of receiving and processing criticism with resilience and grace.

Amidst the vibrant streets and towering skyscrapers of Singapore’s central business district, our discussion aims to empower individuals with the tools and insights necessary to embrace criticism as a catalyst for growth. From understanding the psychology behind criticism to developing strategies for constructive self-reflection, we explore the transformative power of feedback in shaping personal and professional excellence. Join us as we embark on a journey towards mastering the art of handling criticism and fostering a culture of continuous improvement in the ever-evolving world of Singaporean business.

Talk Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Purpose of Criticism
    Participants will explore the role of criticism as a tool for personal and professional growth, recognising its constructive potential.
  2. Recognising Different Types of Criticism
    Attendees will learn to differentiate between constructive criticism, destructive criticism, and personal attacks, enabling them to respond appropriately.
  3. Developing Resilience to Criticism
    Strategies for building emotional resilience and maintaining self-confidence in the face of criticism will be discussed.
  4. Practising Active Listening Skills
    The session will focus on honing active listening skills to fully understand and internalise feedback received.
  5. Separating Emotions from Feedback
    Participants will learn to separate their emotional responses from the feedback received, allowing for objective reflection and analysis.
  6. Turning Criticism into Opportunities for Improvement
    The importance of viewing criticism as constructive feedback for personal and professional development will be emphasised.
  7. Communicating Effectively in Response to Criticism
    Techniques for responding to criticism with professionalism, respect, and assertiveness will be explored.
  8. Seeking Feedback and Clarification
    Attendees will be encouraged to seek clarification and additional feedback to gain a deeper understanding of the criticism received.
  9. Implementing Actionable Changes
    The session will discuss strategies for implementing actionable changes based on feedback received, fostering continuous improvement.
  10. Fostering a Culture of Constructive Criticism
    The talk will conclude with a discussion on fostering a culture within organisations that values and promotes constructive criticism as a driver of excellence.

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your approach to handling criticism by joining us for our enlightening lunch talk in Singapore. Take the first step towards building resilience, embracing feedback, and fostering personal and professional growth in the vibrant landscape of Singaporean business.

Reserve your seat today to gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and a deeper understanding of the constructive power of criticism. Seize this opportunity to equip yourself with the tools and mindset necessary to turn criticism into a catalyst for continuous improvement and success in your personal and professional endeavors.

More Information:

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: SGD 1299.97  SGD 889.97

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