Our Digital Citizenship lunchtime talk will give your training participants the guidance needed in the ever-changing digital world. As our lives are lived more and more online, we all need to translate our social skills into the virtual world.

Digital Citizenship allows us to connect, collaborate, and share by using technology appropriately. In person, meetings are on the decline which makes it necessary to engage people digitally. Being a great digital citizen means you have a set of abilities to work in the digital world.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: $1299.97  $989.97

Talk Content:

  • Illustrate what is digital citizenship and how to act accordingly online
  • Examine the necessity for safety when communicating online and what attacks can occur
  • Orient the need to protect and maintain secrecy online
  • Showcase the facts about intellectual rights on the internet
  • Explore the ways to actively interact with others on the internet
  • Observe the problems of frauds and online deception that could breach privacy online
  • List the ways to protect digital citizenship from phishing attacks
  • Formulate strategies on how to ensure that your online profile is safe
  • Model the ways to act online and how to deal with online assaults
  • Describe the effective usage of online information without abuse

Lunch And Learn Talks

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