Difference Between Training & Learning

Learning should be distinguished from training. ‘Learning is the process by which an individual creates new knowledge, skills and abilities, whereas training is one of the numerous responses
a company can undertake to promote or support learning’ (Reynolds et al., 2002).

The promotion of learning makes use of a process model, which is concerned with helping the learning activities of employees and providing ample learning resources for them to practice on or use.

Conversely, the provision of training requires the application of a content model, which means determining in advance the knowledge, skills and abilities that are needed to be improved through training, planning the training programme, deciding on the appropriate training techniques and presenting the content in a logical sequence through different forms of instruction.

Sloman (2003) made a distinction between learning, which ‘rests within the domain of the individual’ and training, which ‘rests within the domain of the organisation’. Today the approach
is to focus on individual learning and ensure that it takes place when required – ‘just-for-you and ‘just-in-time’ learning.