Conflict Resolution Lunch Talk In Singapore

Step into the realm of effective conflict resolution with our exclusive Lunch Talk in Singapore. In today’s dynamic workplaces, conflicts are inevitable, yet they present opportunities for growth and collaboration. Join us for an engaging session where we explore the art and science of conflict resolution, delving into proven strategies, communication techniques, and mediation skills to navigate conflicts constructively and foster harmonious relationships within teams and organisations.

Set against the backdrop of Singapore’s vibrant business landscape, our Lunch Talk provides a unique platform to gain insights from seasoned professionals and industry leaders. From understanding the root causes of conflicts to implementing proactive conflict resolution approaches, we’ll equip you with the tools and knowledge to transform conflicts into opportunities for positive change and organisational advancement. Join us as we empower you to become a catalyst for resolving conflicts effectively and promoting a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration in the workplace.

Talk Objectives:

  1. Understand Conflict Dynamics:
    Gain insight into the nature and dynamics of conflicts, including common triggers and escalation patterns, to better navigate challenging situations.
  2. Learn Active Listening Skills: Develop active listening skills to empathetically understand perspectives, emotions, and underlying interests of parties involved in conflicts.
  3. Explore Conflict Resolution Strategies:
    Explore various conflict resolution strategies, including collaboration, compromise, accommodation, and avoidance, to choose the most appropriate approach for different conflict scenarios.
  4. Identify Conflict Resolution Styles:
    Recognise personal conflict resolution styles and preferences, such as assertiveness and cooperativeness, and understand how they influence conflict outcomes.
  5. Develop Empathy and Emotional Intelligence:
    Cultivate empathy and emotional intelligence to manage emotions effectively and build rapport with conflicting parties for constructive dialogue and resolution.
  6. Practice Effective Communication:
    Enhance communication skills, including assertive expression, clarity, and non-verbal cues, to facilitate transparent and productive communication during conflict resolution.
  7. Foster Collaboration and Win-Win Solutions:
    Promote collaboration and creative problem-solving techniques to identify mutually beneficial solutions that address the interests of all parties involved in conflicts.
  8. Manage Conflict Escalation:
    Learn strategies to de-escalate conflicts and prevent further escalation, including setting boundaries, managing emotions, and using mediation techniques to facilitate resolution.
  9. Build Trust and Resilience:
    Foster trust and resilience within teams and organisations by promoting open dialogue, transparency, and accountability in addressing conflicts and resolving issues.
  10. Implement Conflict Resolution Protocols:
    Establish clear conflict resolution protocols and procedures within the organisation to provide guidelines and resources for effectively managing conflicts and promoting a positive work environment.

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More Information:

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: SGD 1299.97  SGD 889.97

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