Business Storytelling is the art of conveying a clear message through different media in order to attract customers and clients. Business Storytelling makes the brand, product, or business memorable through its creative presentation. Stories have to be relatable and engaging to be considered effective, but few business professionals understand how to portray stories correctly.

Learning how to do Business Storytelling is a must for business professionals seeking to understand how branding and promotions can be creatively made through the use of storytelling.

In this Business Storytelling course, participants will learn how to write and tell business stories that are engaging and interesting. This course shall also discuss how to relate stories to the brand, product, or service offered by the business. Part of this course shall focus on techniques used for effective business storytelling.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: SGD 1899.97 SGD 889.97

Talk Content:

  • Identify basic storytelling strategies used in business
  • Understand what principles are followed in effective business storytelling
  • Utilise basic storytelling techniques in writing business stories
  • State the advantages of using effective business storytelling
  • Relate the brand in a concise but meaningful manner
  • Develop strategies in building the image and awareness of the brand
  • Analyse the audience or target market preference
  • Identify opportunities for business storytelling
  • Create effective business storytelling for branding and promotion
  • Utilise different forms of media for business storytelling

Talk Benefits

  • Learn how to plan for an effective business story
  • Learn how to write compelling stories for business
  • Learn how to structure stories
  • Understand the techniques used by other businesses in business storytellingPromote the business using ingenious and effective strategies
  • Increase marketability and brand awareness
  • Develop the skills needed to create effective marketing and branding campaigns
  • Learn how to deliver powerful and compelling stories
  • Learn how to fully engage your listeners; keep them at the edge of their seats

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