Be More Optimistic Lunch Talk


True enough that an optimistic leader can influence others regardless of the job title. It can create harmony inside the organization. The optimistic leader gives a grand vision of the future and inspires others to do better.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: SGD 1299.97 SGD 889.97

Talk Content:

  • What Is Optimism?
  • Determining The Five Traits Shared By An Optimistic Leader.
  • Seven Benefits of Optimism In The Workplace.
  • Focusing On What Is Working.
  • Not Being So Hard On People.
  • Identifying the Five Habits That Will Make You More Optimistic At Work.
  • Understanding Why Optimism Is Essential In An Essential Part Of Being An Effective Leader
  • How Optimistic Managers And Leaders Can Influence Employee’s Productivity And Performance

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