Animated Video Production Company in Singapore

Animated video is a strategy for effective communication, it gives life to inanimate objects for the sake of telling a story.

Animation seems to be the trend. If you had to explain something really complex and lengthy and you want to drive home your point. Your explanation may seem boring and quite incomprehensible for your audience. Animated videos could be the exact thing you need. Judging by how difficult it is to catch the attention of a targeted audience, no one can resist looking at a video where inanimate objects come to life.

Research shows that about 65% of people are visual learners and that an even bigger percentage of information received by the brain is visual. For instance, you want to describe the actions of a teacher during class to someone, not present, you might not get the exact acting but you can show it. How? Make a short video of an inanimate object doing the exact same thing and Viola! Point taken. For an entrepreneur or a company trying to market its products, animation can go a long way to inform people about the service you offer.

Animations help you not just to catch your viewer’s attention, it helps you keep it. Several write-ups pop up ads telling people about a particular service or product and are often ignored because they are sometimes too lengthy or distracting. Many customers prefer to watch a video telling them about your products/service then read about them. Thereby making video animation an explosive in content marketing.

Animated videos give your viewers a fun time while getting to know your business simultaneously. It works for just about anything, infographics included.  It is a marketing strategy and might be just what you need to get enough views and likes for your product.

Another exciting reason many people especially social media professional marketers see animated videos as important can be linked to its versatility as well as flexibility. Naturally, video animation is really great for marketing concepts of all sorts to wide audiences, whether they belong to any categories

Animation permits you to concepts that may be cost-effective. It doesn’t matter if you want to depict a young child playing unhurt with foxes in the jungle. You only need to just go ahead and animate it at a minimal cost and regardless of the enormous risks and logistical strains of making use of a film crew. Perhaps, you desire making an aircraft tread waterways just animate it.

Moreover, some folks appear to identify with animated kinds of stuff in a manner which they many times could not with human characters in live-action shows or videos. We are poised to low estimate animated characters, drawing littler on the attire or look and place greater emphasis on the message delivery. The helpful advantages video animation has for communications nowadays make them a go-to resort amongst other options like writing or images.

10 Benefits Of Animated Videos For Your Company

Having a successful business these days goes beyond offering the best product alone. There’s a need for you to create awareness and gain relevance if your business is important to you. You can achieve this by including explainer videos in your marketing campaign as its highly beneficial to your business in the long run. They’re very cheap and easy to share on social media platforms thereby helping your product to be known. A good animated video with key points about your product or company helps in catching peoples attention and helps to increase your customer base.