360 Degree Feedback Corporate Talk In Singapore

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Talk Objectives:

  1. Define 360 Degree Feedback:
    Clearly explain the concept of 360 Degree Feedback, illustrating how it involves gathering feedback from various sources such as supervisors, peers, subordinates, and even clients.
  2. Highlight the Purpose and Benefits:
    Emphasise the importance and benefits of 360 Degree Feedback in fostering self-awareness, identifying blind spots, and promoting professional growth and development.
  3. Explain the Feedback Process:
    Walk participants through the process of conducting 360 Degree Feedback, including the selection of raters, the design of assessment tools, and the mechanisms for providing and receiving feedback.
  4. Emphasise Confidentiality and Trust:
    Stress the importance of confidentiality and trust in the 360 Degree Feedback process, reassuring participants that feedback will be handled sensitively and anonymously to encourage honest and constructive input.
  5. Discuss Interpretation and Action Planning:
    Guide attendees on how to interpret the feedback received, identify patterns and trends, and develop actionable plans for personal and professional development based on the insights gained.
  6. Address Potential Challenges and Misconceptions:
    Acknowledge common challenges and misconceptions surrounding 360 Degree Feedback, such as fear of negative feedback or resistance to change, and provide strategies for overcoming these barriers.
  7. Promote a Culture of Feedback and Continuous Improvement:
    Encourage participants to embrace a culture of continuous feedback and improvement within their teams and organisations, fostering an environment where feedback is seen as a catalyst for growth rather than criticism.
  8. Explore Best Practices for Implementation:
    Share best practices and tips for effectively implementing 360 Degree Feedback programmes, including setting clear objectives, providing training and support, and establishing accountability mechanisms.
  9. Highlight Success Stories and Case Studies:
    Showcase real-life examples and case studies of organisations that have successfully implemented 360 Degree Feedback processes, demonstrating its impact on individual and organisational performance.
  10. Facilitate Q&A and Discussion:
    Provide opportunities for participants to ask questions, share experiences, and engage in open discussions about the challenges, opportunities, and best practices related to 360 Degree Feedback implementation and usage.

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More Information:

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: SGD 1299.97  SGD 889.97

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