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Health Talks

Health Talks The Top 20 Health Talks in Singapore Corporate Health Talks in Singapore. Corporate Health Talk in Singapore. About This Health Talks in Singapore: Health Talks - Organisations today should no longer question if corporate health is required, but rather, ask how they can do better. More organisations are investing in wellness talks and courses paired with incentives to help keep their workers engaged. Corporate health is always, so entrenched in workplace practices and policies. Health talks are more than a perk. A majority of organisations regard workplace health programs as an effective way to address the growing trend of chronic diseases from heart disease to diabetes [...]

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Why You Should Learn Technical Writing

Why You Should Learn Technical Writing Learn Advanced Technical Writing in Singapore! Technical writing is done by a technical writer (or technical author) and is the manner of writing and distributing information in a professional context. A technical writer's main task is to communicate information to another person or company in the clearest and most effective manner possible. The information that technical writers communicate is often complicated, and it is one of their main tasks to analyse the information and display it in a format that is simple to read and understand. "Technical Writers Will be Always in High Demand" - Knowles Training Institute A great technical writer needs powerful [...]

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Benefits of Learning Technical Writing

Benefits of Learning Technical Writing Have you ever been one of those who end up sitting around wondering if there is any career that suits you “right down to the ground” Would you love to be able to write but can’t see yourself writing a magazine, journal or for online media? Well, if you love writing and also the liking for several industries, think about this: technical writing. Working in this area has a few benefits. First, you need to understand that technical writing is a prevalent profession, and if you are an excellent professional writer, then you could be guaranteed a great career throughout your career. You could also get [...]

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10 Reasons Why Modern Professionals Learn

10 Reasons Why Modern Professionals Learn To acquire a new body of knowledge. To acquire a new skill. To solve performance problems. To improve in their current job. To keep up to date with what is happening in their organisation. To keep up to date with what is happening in their industry or profession. To prepare for the uncertain future. For inspiration. To innovate (do/think differently). For the joy of learning.

Difference Between Training & Learning

Difference Between Training & Learning Learning should be distinguished from training. ‘Learning is the process by which an individual creates new knowledge, skills and abilities, whereas training is one of the numerous responses a company can undertake to promote or support learning’ (Reynolds et al., 2002). The promotion of learning makes use of a process model, which is concerned with helping the learning activities of employees and providing ample learning resources for them to practice on or use. Conversely, the provision of training requires the application of a content model, which means determining in advance the knowledge, skills and abilities that are needed to be improved through training, planning the training [...]

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The Importance of Training Your Employees

The Importance of Corporate Training For Your Employees With the approach of the top of the line innovation in corporate associations, confused things have turned out to be progressively open to oversee. Numerous private, just as free associations, are actualising undeniable corporate, particularly in the Human asset office. With the assistance of augmented asset use, Human asset chiefs can deal with the representatives all the more productively — the records on a single server which makes it simpler for access and adjustment. The corporate training and introductions actualised and executed by human asset offices have changed radically in a previous couple of years to synchronise with association objectives. The individual [...]

Resolve Under-appreciated Team Issues With These 10 Games & Activities

10 Team Building Games and Activities for Under-Appreciated Team Issues There are times that the team feels under-appreciated for their efforts especially when there had been too much pressure and stress on the project they finished. Feedback from leaders may not always be available in every instance that a member needs it.  When the team feels underappreciated for the things they have done, this could lead to productivity, attendance and performance issues. Most often, people don’t leave their jobs because they are tired or pressured about it. When asked, their usual response was about the lack of validation and appreciation of their work. It is a basic human need to [...]

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Resolve Team Performance Issues With These 10 Games & Activities

Team Building Games and Activities for Teams with Performance Issues Performance is the greatest affecting factor that dictates the growth and profit of an organization. When employees are performing poorly, the usual response of leaders would be to find the quick fix and make an immediate turnaround of the problem. However, there are multiple factors affecting an individual’s performance. It could be about the lack of necessary skills to meet the demands or it could be something about their motivation to do their task. The purpose of tracking the performance of every individual is to make sure that the company can maximize the resources and workforce that they currently finance. [...]

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Resolve Excessive Team Absenteeism Issues With These 10 Games & Activities

Team Building games and activities for Teams with Excessive Absenteeism Issues Attendance related issues such as tardiness and absenteeism can really cause a massive loss in productivity and the efficiency of an organization’s workforce. It is understandable that there will be instances that these absences are valid due to unforeseen circumstances or medical emergencies, however, when these absences are becoming more frequent and consistent from any of your team, then it is advised that you step up and provide immediate intervention to address this issue. Excessive absenteeism from your team might be a sign of a lack of trust from your team members. As a team leader, you need to [...]

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Resolve Team Change Management Issues With These 10 Games & Activities

Team Building games and activities for Teams with Change Management Issues Changes in the management side will always be constant in a workplace since there will always be promotions and movement on the company hierarchy. These type of changes means that the company is growing, and that progress is evident on these people who made their way to the top through continuous hard work that they dedicate to the company. However, these changes are not always welcome to everyone. There will be a number of people who will try to exert their resistance to these changes which could manifest in low performance, poor attendance, and the worst-case scenario could be [...]

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Resolve Team Bonding Issues With These 10 Games & Activities

10 Team Building Games and Activities for Team with Bonding Issues Team bonding is very important to exist in a group environment. The level of bond in a team measures the level of trust and camaraderie between the members. It is not unusual for a team to encounter issues about bonding since it may not be all the time that everyone is comfortable with each other. This issue is very common for a team that is just starting up or there had been recent changes on the team composition or change in management, however, this should not be a hindrance for the team to learn how to bond with each [...]

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Resolve Team Alignment Issues With These 10 Games & Activities

10 Team Building Games and Activities for Teams with Alignment Issues There are multiple instances in a workplace that leaders can fail to communicate the organization’s goal to their members due to alignment issues and gets frustrated when they are unable to meet any of these targets. There are even leaders who fail to see that the problem is not on the skills of his members but because these people are not aligned with the goals that he has. Chances are, these people were unable to get the understanding of the goals, they do know it but their level of understanding are far different from each other and their leaders. [...]

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Improve Your Attention To Details: Top 5 Tips

Improve Your Attention To Detail: Top 5 Tips The broader view or the big-picture can discourage you from caring about the small stuff. Ability to pay attention to details could help you win a competitive edge. Steve Jobs is one of the advocates of paying greater importance to details. He suggested that detail matters, and it's worth waiting to get it right. Many business-oriented people are big-picture thinkers. They have a low tolerance level to details. Entrepreneurs have a clear visionary journey. But they do not pay attention to the useful en route details. You require being a strategic thinker and having the ability to pay attention to details to succeed. [...]

How to Write a Speech: Top 5 Tips

How to Write a Speech: Top 5 Tips If you are giving a speech soon, you need to know the fundamentals of writing a speech. It is crucial to understand the methods of writing a good speech before the actual event. If you have never given or written a speech, coming up with a speech on the fly can be a challenge. Fortunately, after reading this article you will be more prepared. Know Your Audience  The most important factor in your speech is your target audience. When writing your speech, you need to establish a positive relationship with them. This way you will know how to work with the rhetoric questions [...]


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