In this memory improvement lunchtime talks, participants will learn some of the best memory techniques by Singapore’ own memory record holder Sancy Suraj.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: $2499.97 $1989.97

Talk Content:

  1. Prevent yourself from forgetting to carry out tasks at work or home.
  2. Simple strategies to help you remember where you placed your daily objects.
  3. Daily 2-minute brain exercise you can do to drastically improve your memory.
  4. 5 examples of normal memory problems vs. serious memory problems. When should you seek help?
  5. Why trying too hard to use your memory can sometimes be a problem.
  6. When you should use technology and when not to use technology to help you remember
  7. Why do most new mothers complain of having a bad memory and how to reverse that?
  8. How to stay alert at work; Remove brain fog, stay alert throughout your workday.
  9. Why skipping breakfast can actually improve your concentration levels.
  10. Why do you always feel so lethargic after lunch and how to prevent this from ever happening again?
  11. 5 scientific tips to improve your focus and concentration levels over the next 1 week.
  12. 4 of the most important foods you can eat to skyrocket your focus and concentration levels.
  13. 7 tips for making a good memory great.
  14. Memory training should start at a young age: How to teach memory improvement techniques to your children so that they can smash their exams. Learn the top 5 memory techniques Pinnacle Minds teach students in School!

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