A habit is an act of repeating the behaviour in daily routine. It appears subconsciously if individuals keep repeating it for a very long time. There are two types of habits good and, bad.

Bad habits are hurdles in a way of practising good habit e.g. let’s sleep one more hour. In routine life, people get to stick with bad habits easily because they provide a sense of instance pleasure but creating the worst for the future. People pick good habits to get rid of bad ones and to make a satisfactory change in their lifestyle. It’s easy to acquire a new habit intentionally with the aim of changing routine life but, it is very difficult to make that habit stick, For instance; the habit of exercising or waking up early in the morning is hard to stick.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: $1299.97  $989.97

Talk Content:

  1. What is a habit?
  2. How to develop a habit?
  3. Why it is difficult to stick with a habit?
  4. What strategies are required to make a habit permanent?
  5. How to develop a productive routine?
  6. What are the benefits of sticking with good habits?
  7. Why bad habits make place easily in our life?
  8. What is the importance of developing a positive and productive lifestyle?

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