Numbers! Numbers! Numbers! Wherever you go, you are bound to see them. On addresses, license plates, phones, prices, and of course, money! Numbers connect us all to each other in many more ways than we might imagine. Essentially, our world revolves around numbers. Some of us enjoy dealing with numbers while others may have a fear of them, or even a phobia. For those of you who have already recognized and appreciate the impact that numbers actually have on just about everything, you deserve a cookie. Welcome to Basic Bookkeeping!

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: SGD 1899.97 SGD 1,334.96

Talk Content:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Assets
  3. Liabilities
  4. Equity
  5. Income Statement
  6. Revenue
  7. Cost of Goods Sold
  8. Expenses
  9. Accounting Period
  10. Income Statement
  11. Cash Flow Statement
  12. Capital Statement
  13. Budget vs. Actual
  14. Depreciating Your Assets
  15. Reconciling Cash
  16. Reconciling Investments
  17. Working with the Trial Balance
  18. Bad Debt
  19. Posting Adjustments and Corrections

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