Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Course in Singapore

About This Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Theory Training Course

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Course in Singapore

Motivation is a fickle thing that is paramount for the productivity and satisfaction of employees. According to David McClelland, the number one motivator for people is their needs so he classified them into four: the need for achievement, power, affiliation, and avoidance. This theory will help employers motivate employees more effectively.

Who Should Attend This Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Theory Workshop

This Mcclelland’S Human Motivation workshop is ideal for anyone who would like to gain a strong grasp and improve their Mcclelland’S Human Motivation.

  • All Staff Within An Organisation

  • Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Executives

  • Assistants

  • Officers

  • Secretaries

Group Size For This Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Theory Training Program

The ideal group size for this Mcclelland’S Human Motivation course is:

  • Minimum: 5 Participants

  • Maximum: 15 Participants

Course Duration For This Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Theory Skills Course

The duration of this Mcclelland’S Human Motivation workshop is 2 full days. Knowles Training Institute will also be able to contextualised this workshop according to different durations; 3 full days, 1 day, half day, 90 minutes and 60 minutes.

  • 2 Full Days

  • 9 a.m to 5 p.m

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Theory Course Benefits

Below is the list of course benefits of our Mcclelland’S Human Motivation course

  1. Keep employees properly motivated as often as possible for better work productivity
  2. Understand each of your employees on a personal level and connect with them to actually know what’s going on with them
  3. Give employees what they need to keep striving for achievement and be better at the works assigned to them
  4. Understand that motivation is not something which can be applied universally across the board
  5. Tailor your approach specifically to give them what they need and personalize everything to let them know you really care about them
  6. Appreciate the feedback and praise that comes with a job review and treat it as a constructive criticism
  7. Process of collaboration runs much more efficiently since there is more connection with the employees involved
  8. Realize that your team may be capable of far more than you ever imagined by discovering their potentials
  9. Lead a successful team and be recognized for the effort that you and your team have put in to your work
  10. Allow for the shaping of a person’s needs by catering to them and providing means for their self-growth
  11. Person’s motivation and effectiveness in certain job functions are influenced by these three needs
  12. Organize the efforts of more people to further the company’s goals aligned with its vision and goals

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Theory Course Objectives

Below is the list of course objectives of our Mcclelland’S Human Motivation course

  1. Define McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory and its functions in a workplace
  2. Discover what drives members of your team to be motivated at their respective jobs
  3. Know how motivated your employees are to know the degree of improvement you need to work on for them
  4. Make sure employees have the drive they need to take your organization to new height
  5. Remember that motivation varies from person to person and that there is not one single way to solve the problem
  6. Work to discover what it is that gives them motivation so you can feed into that motivation appropriately
  7. Explain how the needs for achievement, power, and affiliation affect the actions of people
  8. Ask what employees would ultimately like to achieve and what their real needs are
  9. Manage the corporate teams by being identifying and categorizing every team member amongst the needs
  10. Create a guideline for employees for them to follow and know where they need to improve on for better results in their work
  11. Identify candidates for the position and estimate its mix of needs
  12. Help to manage your employees’ expectations and run the team smoothly by leading them effectively

Course Content For This Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Theory Training Course

Below is the list of course content of our Mcclelland’S Human Motivation training course

  1. About the Human Motivation Theory and its impact in the work environment if and when used as a tool for improvement
  2. Identify what it is that motivates each member of your team and know the reasons behind these

Four Types of Motivational Need

  1. Achievement is something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc.
  2. Affiliation is a connection with a political party or religion, or with a larger organization
  3. Power is the ability to get extra-base hits ability to act or produce an effect
  4. Avoidance is a kind of coping that is generally considered maladaptive, as it promotes an exaggerated fear response through negative reinforcement
  5. The Iceberg Modelis a systems thinking tool designed to help an individual or group discover the patterns of behavior, supporting structures, and mental models that underlie a particular event
  6. Linking with the motivating drivers to get satisfaction from influencing and sometimes even controlling others
  7. Above the Waterline means something that can wait to be dealt with or even something he can delegate to one of his subordinates to correct
  8. Below the Waterline means that something is damaged in a way that is not immediately obvious but that will in the end cause someone or something to fail completely
  9. Apply the human motivation theory in the workplace and use it as an effective tool the company can use on its employees
  10. The human motivation theory’s effects on management and the pros and cons of using it

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Theory Value Added Materials

Each participant will receive the following materials for the Mcclelland’S Human Motivation course

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Learner’s Guide

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Key Takeaways Notes

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Essentials Ebook

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Course Handouts

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation 30-Day Action Plan

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation MindMaps Pack

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation PPT Slides Used During Course

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Long-Term Memory Flashcards Pack

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation E-Learning Course

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Online Video Course

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Essentials Audiobook

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Infographics Pack

Mcclelland’S Human Motivation Theory Certification

Each course participant will receive a certification of training completion

Course Fees

There are 3 pricing options available for this Mcclelland’S Human Motivation training course. Course participants not in Singapore may choose to sign up for our online Mcclelland’S Human Motivation training course.

2-Full Day Course

  • Learner’s Guide
  • Course Handouts

Premium 2-Full Day Course

  • Learner’s Guide
  • Course Handouts
  • PPT Slides Used During Training Course
  • Long-Term Memory Flashcards Guide TM
  • 1 Year Access to Online Training Video Course (*Worth S$589.97)
  • Contact Your Trainer: 90-Day Post Course Help (*Worth S$89.97)
  • Key Learning Takeaway Notes (*Worth S$18.97)
  • Audio Book (*Worth S$18.97)
  • eBook (*Worth S$14.97)
  • Course Infographics Pack (*Worth S$11.97)
  • Course Mind Maps (*Worth S$8.97)
  • 30-Day Action Plan

Course Discounts, Fundings & Subsidies

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